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Furniture online shop of manufacturers are tring two models
Author:Tangshifu Furniture| release time:2020-11-19

The furniture online shop of manufacturers has also become a very popular market. The chairs online shop of manufacturers has become a part of people's lives. New markets have emerged.

Furniture online story

In the perception of people in the home furnishing industry, the future development of furniture e-commerce will definitely be the integration of online e-commerce platforms and offline home furnishing physical stores. The o2o model that connects online and offline will be the mainstream. With the continuous development of the Internet industry, e-commerce models have gradually evolved in the market. At present, b2c, o2o and c2f and other e-commerce models are gradually appearing in the market.The trend of decentralization of furniture network traffic has enabled home furnishing brands to embark on the road of omni-channel coverage.And how do these models operate? How can home furnishing companies find e-commerce models suitable for their own development in the market?

furniture online shop of manufacturers

Furniture e-commerce

Furniture e-commerce can process and complete online orders quickly and easily.

After the order is placed, it can be divided into two situations. One is that the company feeds back the order details to the local physical store, and the physical store is responsible for a series of services such as delivery, installation, and maintenance. The furniture online shop of manufacturers and chairs online shop of manufacturers Provide a very comprehensive service.

The other is to ship directly by the company, and the physical store is only responsible for the service. The furniture online shop of manufacturers is used to advertise and process orders.The advantage of this model is that on the one hand, it can increase the visibility of the company through the Internet and maximize the benefits of network marketing; on the other hand, it can also ensure the quality of after-sales service, and better handle the three-way relationship between consumers, distributors and companies. relationship.

The c2f and o2o models

The chairs online shop of manufacturers is constantly improving their shops. They have prepared many different styles of furniture.

The o2o model refers to the combination of online and offline, and the Internet becomes the front desk for offline transactions. Consumers place orders online and experience offline shopping. It is also the model currently used by most home furnishing companies. Consumers can experience products in physical stores before returning to place orders online.

The c2f model refers to a new online shopping model in which end consumers face the factory and directly customize personalized products to the factory, and the enterprise is responsible for one-stop production, delivery, installation and after-sales service. This model can save the cost of cultivating dealers, including shop opening subsidies, logistics costs, and dealer benefits, etc.

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