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Sofa styles of manufacturers in china may be the key to market
Author:Tangshifu Furniture| release time:2020-11-19

Sofa styles of manufacturers in China may be the key to market. In Piano’s semi-annual report, we see such figures: In 2017, the scale of the domestic customized market of about 202.7 billion and the operating income of the home manufacturing industry of 905.6 billion, according to this data To calculate, the overall penetration rate of domestic customization is still less than 25%.

Sofa industry

The custom sofa industry has shown a rapid development trend in the past few years, but the finished furniture still accounts for most of my country's furniture market. Such data also means that the production efficiency of my country's customized home furnishing enterprises is far lower than that of developed countries, which means that my country's customized home furnishing The resources that companies can invest in R&D are far lower than in developed countries.

Considering from the perspective of furniture technology, confidence system, and intelligent manufacturing, it seems that only large companies have the strength to make such changes. Conversely, the concentration of the industry must be increased in order to appear more "capable" enterprises.

Sofa styles of manufacturers in China

Current situation

The style of the sofa is undoubtedly the key to a company's market.

Although there are many players in the sofa market and more and more companies are flocking to it, in fact the barriers to competition in the custom home furnishing industry still exist. The barriers mentioned here are not just the traditional capital and channels, but also the boss’s Thinking, strategic decision and corporate genes, etc. Among them, customization's flexible requirements for back-end production and access to information systems will stump a large number of enterprises.
In order to better serve customers, businesses have provide guide for buying furniture/ to consumers.

Countless sofa industry information is reporting a message: in 3 to 5 years, to seize the opportunity of sofa styles innovation, enterprises need to speed up. The market has given birth to many opportunities, and at the same time, many companies will not get through. In the end, should they seize the opportunity or just leave the stage? One of the premises depends on the correct judgment of the current situation. Say goodbye to the stage of rapid development, custom home furnishing has entered a period of steady growth.

After experiencing a whole year of fermentation in the past year, the market has gradually entered a stage of steady development this year.