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The well-known platform for a furniture manufacturer
Author:Tangshifu Furniture| release time:2020-09-04

First,a furniture manufacturer have entered a new turning point in the market. Labor costs, material costs, and channel costs are getting higher and higher. The old marketing methods cannot bring effective customer conversion.

In the past month, Yiou Home Furnishing has contacted many home improvement companies and some platform-based companies, and the conclusion is that marketing is expensive, but everyone has to do it. The reason is that without an order, the model of a home improvement company can never be implemented, nor can it support the personnel and related parties that depend on the home improvement company.

An interview

Not long ago, he told the author in an interview: Putting all the money into marketing is like a sip of "poisoned milk", but most home improvement companies drink it. At present, there is no way to get everyone out of over-focusing on marketing or over-relying on marketing. On the contrary, some companies have taken a fancy to this rigid demand of installation companies and provide customer acquisition services. However, this road has become narrower and narrower.

The customer acquisition cost of home improvement companies is getting higher and higher, which is affected to a certain extent by the market environment: first, the market dividend period under real estate regulation is about to come to an end, and the past too extensive development methods of the home improvement industry no longer have a market; second, consumers The aesthetic ability and consumer awareness of the company are constantly improving, and the choices of consumers have been expanded, forcing home improvement companies to improve their capabilities in all aspects.

a furniture manufacturer


In addition to market factors, the increase in customer acquisition costs for home improvement companies is also related to the abnormal development of the industry over the past decade. Among them, platform enterprises are important participants.

Generally speaking, home improvement companies have three ways to acquire customers:

The first is to rely on the subway, TV, radio and other channels to carry out advertising. This method is generally used to increase the customer acquisition channels by large home improvement companies with annual revenues of hundreds of millions of yuan and above;

The second is to rely on small channels to acquire customers, and will not invest a lot of money in marketing, mostly medium-sized companies;

The third is to rely on platform-based companies to obtain traffic. Such companies generally have annual revenues of 10 million yuan (10 million to 50 million). Because of their small scale, it is difficult for them to obtain passenger traffic through large-scale and large-scale marketing. , Mainly relying on platform-based enterprises to obtain customers.

However, there is currently a strange circle in the industry: platform-based companies rely on traffic to make money and become "vampires."

Information circulation

Many home improvement company entrepreneurs who have bought traffic fees on the platform told Yiou that some Internet platform companies are called companies that do not understand operations and only sell traffic, and they mainly rely on traffic to make money. Moreover, the way they make money is to sell an order to multiple home improvement companies at the same time. Only after the two-way selection of bidding and owner's choice can the home improvement company successfully obtain the order. In this process, platform-based companies can get traffic fees "voluntarily" paid by 4-5 companies. Well, a furniture manufacturer needs such a platform.

From the perspective of a third party, jump out and observe the business model of the platform company. The platform not only wants to survive by "advertisement" (traffic traffic) for home improvement companies, but also wants to create a way to provide consumers with the best choice and service supervision The guaranteed environment is actually contradictory.

so, a furniture manufacturer pointed out that the customer data given by some platforms does not originate from natural traffic, which is just the platform's marketing routine. If this is true, the platform is extended based on customer acquisition A series of business models are not established.

The core of the platform is to solve the problem of information circulation. In the vague and opaque two-way choice between consumers and installation companies, the platform has not created a space for real-time information circulation, but instead created a new marketing channel.