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For a furniture manufacturer, such an environment is challenging
Author:Tangshifu Furniture| release time:2020-09-04

Today, the perception of home furnishing stores is basically negative, with sparse flow of people, outdated models, online impact, no future, etc. These perceptions continue to send out closing messages in many regional home furnishing stores, and multinational home furnishing stores have withdrawn from China one after another. In the difficult environment of store operations, it has been particularly strengthened to doubt life, so that it is difficult to ask the question: Are there new opportunities in the store? For a furniture manufacturer, such an environment is challenging.

However, no matter what the business of the stores in today's stores is, we can basically be sure that home furnishing stores used to be the most important platform for the retail of the entire home furnishing industry. It is now and will be for a long time in the future. The building materials industry is deeply integrated with the Internet and mobile Internet, users’ consumption minds continue to iteratively transition, cross-industry and innovation are continuously promoted, the industrial chain is continuously integrated, and the industrial structure has undergone tremendous changes. definitely.

The first element

The first element is the existence of demand. As food, clothing, housing and transportation, household building materials are closely connected with real estate. These requirements have not changed with the changes in technology, but the changes in technology for new product development, product quality, production efficiency, experience, and cost requirements have changed. Unlike some industries, which are completely product-based replacements. For example, with cars, there will be fewer horse-drawn carriages, or even nothing. With mobile phones, the market for pagers disappears. This kind of technological product is completely subversive. Sexual substitution effect. But the residential industry is different. Whether it is the development of the foreign market for hundreds of years or the development of the domestic market for decades, household building materials products are just needed by users. And,a furniture manufacturer began to launch new products they could.

The second element is the industry, including users' needs for retail platforms. Home furnishing chain stores were once an important promoter of China's home furnishing retail revolution, and it was also synonymous with efficiency and experience. It is precisely because of the existence and development of Chinese chain stores that many home furnishing brands have been able to rapidly expand across the country. It is hard to imagine that furniture manufacturer can rapidly expand across the country, at least at different costs and speeds.

A matter of life

The overall business of the home furnishing industry is difficult to do. Regardless of whether large companies or small companies, single-category companies and multi-category companies, the experience is actually the same. But recently, many companies have repeatedly discussed whether they should stick to multi-category development or single-category development?

Originally, this question is not a question worth discussing. The answer is also obvious in many industries. Many leading industries have long occurred in reality. However, in the development process of the home furnishing industry, such problems have not been concentrated, so There are too many companies to discuss, which is naturally an important issue for the development of home furnishing companies, and it may also be a matter of life and death in the recent industry.

Some people say that a furniture manufacturer move from single product to integration, all companies need integration. If category integration cannot be achieved, then this company must be finished. Is that true? I believe that based on this assumption, companies cannot make any decisions. This is only a hypothetical point of view, at most a summary point of view, that is, a summary of the status quo of integration of many single products at this stage, not a forward-looking view of the entire industry. Sexual judgment.

To make a decision to choose the direction between single product and integration, first of all, we need to figure out how the two models of single product and integration evolve in the bottom logic of business. If you know the bottom evolution logic of this business, Your choice of single products and integration in the home furnishing industry naturally needs a higher-dimensional reference, which will definitely help companies make more correct choices.