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The european-style furniture of home furniture manufacturers in china
Author:Tangshifu Furniture| release time:2020-09-04

European-style furniture is exquisite in shape and elegant in taste. Many friends like to choose European-style furniture from home furniture manufacturers in china, but everyone should pay attention that different styles of European-style furniture have different decoration effects at home. I will take you today. Let's take a look at the styles of European furniture.

Common style

It is the most common style of European-style furniture. This style of European-style furniture follows the design concept passed down from generation to generation in Europe. When creating furniture, it draws on the characteristics of a large number of European classical buildings. Most European-style furniture with classical features will have exquisite carvings. Pattern.

This style of European-style furniture is based on the furniture of the upper-class nobles in the Middle Ages in Europe. The overall performance is noble and high-end. If the decorator likes to decorate the home with grandeur and more gorgeous, then this style of European-style furniture is more suitable. The home furniture manufacturers in china also showed a preference for this kind of furniture.

home furniture manufacturers in china

Natural pastoral style European furniture emphasizes the perfect integration of life and nature. This style of European furniture of home furniture manufacturers in china. The characteristic is that the light color is mainly white, which gives people a refreshing feeling firstly. In terms of design style, the rustic European style furniture emphasizes conciseness and neatness. The carved lines on the furniture are clear and clear. Compared with the classical style, it is more atmospheric. When placed at home, it will highlight a tranquil and restrained atmosphere.

In recent years, many decorators will choose fresh and simple European-style furniture, especially young decorators. This style of European-style furniture is in line with fast-paced urban life. In the main style, it is not as heavy as the classical style, nor is it slightly monotonous like the pastoral style.

The choice of color

The simple European-style furniture dares to break through the tradition and combine with modern life. , In the furniture design, it reduces the appreciation and strengthens the practicability. In the choice of color, the simple style European-style furniture likes to use natural solid wood texture, which is more modern.

In the decoration of the house, it is very important to choose the style of the furniture. Many friends only know to choose European furniture but don’t know what styles of European furniture have. The editor recommends that you first understand the different styles of European furniture in order to better Choose European-style furniture that suits your actual situation.

Information from the forefront of the market shows that European-style furniture presents ten major design trends: environmental protection, fashion, cross-border, Chinese traditional cultural elements, youthfulness, modernity, design inspiration from a fragment of European history and culture, bionic design, and personalization Custom and semi-custom. The pet furniture manufacturers take these concepts into consideration.

Exquisite hand-cutting

The exquisite hand-cutting and carving are the charm of European style furniture. The contours and turning parts of the manufacturer of European-style furniture of home furniture manufacturers in china are generally composed of symmetrical and rhythmic curves or surfaces, and are decorated with gold-plated copper ornaments, imitation leather, etc., with simple structure and smooth lines , The colors are rich, the sense of art is strong, and the overall feeling is luxurious, elegant and solemn. European-style furniture is full of rational harmony and tranquility, highlighting romanticism, and meets the requirements of people of all ages.

The selection of European-style furniture is generally teak, beech, oak, walnut, mahogany, etc., and the workmanship is exquisite without losing its unique style, which is the best of both worlds. It can be said that European-style furniture that takes into account Western connotations and modern elements is stylish and elegant, which is in line with most people's aesthetic taste. With people's pursuit of life style, European-style furniture with high-quality materials and rich color combinations is becoming more and more popular in the market.