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The Service of home furnishing companies
Author:Tangshifu Furniture| release time:2020-08-17

In the development of the improvement industry, the distributors of home furnishing companies are a special group: they are experiencing the most severe impact in the industry change, they bear the uncertainty of their future functions and roles caused by the industry change, and they face disappearance The risk of the new industry has to become the fulcrum for the development of the new industry. They are no longer even them, but will split into a lost generation of dealers and a newly emerging generation of dealers.

The 6th China Home Furnishing Internet Evolution Development Forum was held at the 2019 Modern Shanghai Fashion Home Furnishing Exhibition, with the theme of "Resellers in Change", focusing on the dealer groups in the current industry reform.

Generally speaking, the living room furniture manufacturers in china and the home furnishing enterprise should be integrated. It can be said that fish and water cannot be separated, and it is also called coldness of lips and teeth. However, in actual operations, there are many games between home furnishing dealers and home furnishing enterprises.

Current environment

In the current environment of major changes in the industry, home furnishing dealers are also facing tremendous changes.

For a long time, a misunderstanding in the industry is that our industry is the home furnishing industry, our business is a home furnishing enterprise, our consumers are home consumers, and their demand is to buy home furnishing products.

However, the development of Internet home improvement has prompted us to rethink the nature of our industry, what is the basic needs of our consumers, and what the mission of our industry is.

This is what I call an ideological enlightenment in the history of industry development triggered by the Internet home improvement.

Our industry should be the home improvement industry. Just to distinguish it from the traditional home improvement industry, we also call it pan-home improvement.

living room furniture manufacturers in china

Decorate a home

Because consumers in our industry are home improvement consumers, our consumer’s basic need is to decorate a home. Therefore, the mission of our industry is to operate around the basic demand logic of home improvement consumers "decorating a home".

This also means that the dining room furniture manufacturers in china needs to become a multi-category integrated distributor.

Consumers have no demand for single-category household products. Their basic need is to decorate a home. Renovating a home is a process of multi-category integration, so the entire industry needs to reorganize, from the perspective of multi-category integration of household products, to provide home improvement consumers with home improvement solutions with better user experience and higher operational efficiency.

This is a process of scouring the sand. We have also analyzed before that the vast majority of home furnishing dealers may die out during this reform process, and the dealers who have survived the reform will turn into multi-category integrated dealers in the pan-home improvement industry.

This is a brand new dealer species.

The current industry

The current industry reforms show two changes: one is that home improvement companies have begun to make complete installations; the other is that home improvement companies have begun to seek integrated development of multiple categories, especially top home improvement companies have begun to make home improvement.

In fact, these two things reflect the same thing, that is, the organizational form of home decoration material elements, which is developed from the single category of traditional household products to the integrated management of multiple categories of household products.

In other words, the single-category business channel of household products is developing to the multi-category integrated business channel of household products.

Therefore, the essence of the current industry reform is the channel reform of household products.

Therefore, dining room furniture manufacturers must become a multi-

category integrated distributor.

The difference

What is the difference between multi-category integrated dealers and single-category dealers?

First of all, it is obvious that the categories of home furnishing products we represent have increased dramatically, from the traditional single category to more than a dozen or even more than 20 categories of home furnishing products. Of course, at this time, we can no longer describe the changes in the dealer’s work by the number of product categories, but we should understand the dealer’s work from the perspective of multi-category integrated products: the dealers are agents of multi-category integrated products.

Multi-category integration is often the design integration of household products required for a certain decoration space. After integration, household products form a complete product in the decoration space. This is the concept of packaged products.

In other words, the living room furniture manufacturers in china will transform from the traditional single category operation of household products to the operation of spatial integrated products. It used to be parts and components operation, but in the future it will be the operation of packaged products.

Another important change should be the change in marketing concepts and marketing methods.

Operation model

It is not only a product operation model, but also requires the integration of 20 single-category household products. Therefore, due to supply chain constraints, the operation of multi-category integrated products should be more standardized product operation models. This is to get rid of the so-called concept of meeting individual needs in the traditional household product management and implement a standardized business model.

In my book "Integrated Operation Strategy", I have a systematic analysis of the operation of standardized integrated products. The biggest feature of the standardized packaged product operation model is the need to carry out precise market strategic positioning, and extract the core value proposition of multi-category integrated products based on the core needs of the target consumer group, and then gradually build the logic of "explosive models" Increase the brand awareness of multi-category integrated products to target consumer groups and resonance with the core value of the brand, so as to obtain the core competitiveness of sustainable market development.

This is a modern market competition, requiring multi-category integrated distributors to master more modern marketing concepts and marketing methods to manage this brand new market competition and be able to win in the competition.

In this change in marketing concepts and marketing methods, special attention should be paid to the application of information management systems. Because this is the basis for future home improvement multi-category integrated product operations. On the one hand, the standardized product operation model has laid a good foundation for the application of information management system. On the other hand, the information management system further strengthens the standardized operation of multi-category integrated products.

As a result, home furnishing dealers have transformed into a new generation of dealers with modern business concepts and methods.