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See the market,chatting with living room furniture manufacturers in china
Author:Tangshifu Furniture| release time:2020-08-17

When chatting with many furniture industry owners recently, I found that they have a common problem-the traditional marketing model suddenly fails. Times are changing, and it's normal for marketing models to change. But what changes have taken place in the market now? How can living room furniture manufacturers in china make effective changes? The author has a personal opinion on this. Why is traditional marketing not working? This should be analyzed from two perspectives.

Market competition

First of all, from the perspective of national policy, that is, the government's vigorous promotion of hardcover houses, this is the general trend and will not be repeated. The large number of delivery of hardcover houses in various places actually laid a solid foundation for the de-styled furniture. Why do you say that?

The hard decoration of the hardcover room has basically been determined, which has led to more and more focus on the style of furniture, more and more homogeneous products, and naturally more and more fierce market competition.

For example, why have Europe and the United States fallen off a cliff in recent years?

First, consumers’ demand for furniture is becoming more and more simple, and those complicated things are gradually being abandoned, and more of individuality and comfort are pursued; second, European and American products are placed in a styleless hardcover apartment, which seems out of place, unless Redo the hard-fitting transformation to create a European-American style fit, but this is costly and worry-free.  Secondly, consumers have undergone irreversible changes in the decision-making path of furniture purchase.

From the previous 1.0 rough house era, where large-scale building materials and furniture stores were relatively concentrated, on-site purchases became the current 2.0 hardcover house era, where the purchase channels are more fragmented and diversified. E-commerce, Douyin, second-hand housing agencies, decoration companies, soft decoration companies, custom furniture, latex paint, curtains, building materials and many other channels.

The dining room furniture manufacturers are no longer a traditional furniture supplier, which has caused traditional marketing to become not so right, channels and marketing have undergone tremendous changes. That is, the distributors and shopping guides who sell the new furniture chain are no longer as professional as before. Excuse me, there is no reason to succeed in the old way?

living room furniture manufacturers in china

Now that the reason is found, how should thliving room furniture manufacturers in china/ cater to this change? The author believes that there are also two points, one is product power, and the other is service power.

Balance of product

The balance of product strength, appearance and cost performance

Product strength refers to the appearance and cost-effectiveness of the product. This is easier to understand, that is, products with the same appearance have a lower price; products with the same price have a higher appearance. Of course, the process details of the product itself must be done well, otherwise there is no need for the market.

As the channels for consumers to obtain information sources in the new era become wider and wider, the appearance of furniture in the future will surely become standard, but the appearance of appearance must be built on the basis of cost optimization. How to understand this sentence?

In other words, consumers in the future will not pay for redundant designs, which will force practitioners engaged in furniture design to understand consumers better, and abandon many previous designs for design, thereby pushing up design costs and optimizing them. The profits are re-converted to consumers.

Service power, "superficial effort" that cannot be ignored

Service power in a simple sentence is to serve consumers. why would you say so? Today's diversified channels mean that the shopping guides who sell furniture are no longer as professional as traditional channels, which leads to the conversion of most non-traditional channels of furniture sales is very unsatisfactory.

The future

The author once said that offline should learn online "product online", that is, go shopping guide. The core of de-shopping guide lies in the depth and perfection of product descriptions, and no longer over-rely on "human" factors in the process of selling products.

In addition, the delivery time, high quality and after-sales guarantee are ranked first for non-traditional channel service providers, because most of them do not have a product service system and rely on the factory service system. If the factory cannot do it, they will Dare to sell. So if you can't do the above, don't talk about the future. The factory will do it very hard.

Service power should be emphasized. I refer to it collectively as "superficial work."

New products

Maybe many living room furniture manufacturers in china do not quite understand, the old mobile phone took a photo and just made a quotation sheet to sell the goods.

Can the product extension be paid in place? Is the factory fully responsible for quality problems? Whether after-sales problems are completed quickly, etc., are the core factors for evaluating the quality of the factory in the future.

Take a company that has been developing very rapidly in recent years as an example. The company promised: new products can’t be sold for three months after being sampled, and returned; after-sales questions are not answered satisfactorily within one hour, the company will return; the company will make a profit every day when the delivery is delayed. 5%.

  If you are a customer, what are your reasons for rejection? Your taste, your fine taste!

All the changes that have taken place above must come from the re-creation of corporate culture, organization and KPIs centered on consumer needs. This is the change in thinking and cognition, and even the upgrading of the boss’s thinking and cognition. Without the upgrading of thinking and cognition, all you see are costs, and all you see are obstacles, not the future.