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The roles in providing dining room furniture
Author:Tangshifu Furniture| release time:2020-09-01

The home furnishing industry is an industry that emphasizes service and experience. It is precisely because of this characteristic that companies that have been hoping to subvert the industry through the Internet have not achieved significant results. Traditional home furnishing manufacturers still concentrate their firepower to develop offline businesses. Since offline services and experiences cannot be provided online, this advantage should be maximized to maintain a good development trend under the impact of the Internet.

Supply chain

Channel changes, declining traffic, homogenization of products, and foreign brands invading the domestic market, multiple threats require home furnishing companies to change their thinking, from a producer to a service provider, good service is equivalent to getting the key to open the minds of consumers. Currently, there are three main roles in providing dining room furniture products: custom home furnishing enterprises, finished home furnishing enterprises, and main material supply chain enterprises.

The growth rate of custom home furnishings is slowing down, and "business is not good" is the common feeling of many custom home owners. The main reasons are as follows:

First, the decoration industry is closely related to the real estate market. The incremental market has peaked. The demand for decoration in the stock market is far less than that in the incremental market. Under the general environment, the custom home furnishing industry is bound to experience a trough with the real estate market.

Second, the high growth rate of custom home furnishing companies in the past is partly due to the "staking of the market" type of market sinking, through channel expansion, extending stores to second, third, and fourth-tier cities. Even if the single-store revenue does not grow, the expansion of this channel is enough to support the rapid growth of the company's revenue in a few years. When the market sinks to a bottleneck and the staking is over, the growth rate of customized homes will naturally slow down.

The third is that distributors have always been the most mainstream sales channel in the industry for dining room furniture .The successive channel changes such as fine decoration, supply chain, e-commerce, and stores, distributors His survival has been severely challenged. The main sales channels are facing difficulties, and the development of enterprises will also encounter bottlenecks.

dining room furniture

Big brands

Finally, the head clustering effect of customized companies began to appear. According to the "2018-2019 China Home Furnishing Industry Development Research Report" released by Yiou Think Tank, according to UBS's forecast, the scale of China's custom home furnishing market in 2018 will be 242.42 billion yuan, and the top 9 listed companies CR9 will account for 14.34%. This is considered a relatively high degree of concentration in the highly decentralized home furnishing industry. It can be seen that in the custom home furnishing market, consumers have a relatively high degree of recognition of big brands, which makes it more difficult to operate brands at the waist.

Customized home furnishing companies want to increase their own business barriers, service is a very important part. The service of customized home furnishing has its particularity, and the degree of product differentiation is too high. Due to the lack of understanding of the product, it is difficult for decoration companies and supply chain platforms to replace customized home furnishing companies to provide services.

Custom home furnishing companies mainly provide services to designers, distributors, and installers.


Designers are the role that can best build brand power and consumer trust, and companies must attach great importance to them. A good customized home furnishing company should first obtain the recognition of consumers with its design works. The designer should comprehensively consider the number of people in each family, the ratio of men to women, whether there are elderly or children, etc., and combine the individual needs of consumers to make real customization. Home.

The actual situation is that many designers of custom home furnishings are more like salespersons. They make some adjustments to the original product design according to the actual size. They do not have a deep understanding of the lifestyle of each family and the designer's sense of service is not strong. .

Distributors also need to change their roles from sales to service, and face channel changes brought about by real estate companies, decoration companies, e-commerce, etc. The status of distributors is already in jeopardy, but these roles generally do not have customized bedroom furniture Product service capabilities, dealers should seize their own advantages and deepen their services.

Installation service

Installation service is the most problematic link, which is mainly reflected in the uneven quality of the installation workers and the opaque installation price. Some consumers of custom home furnishings said, “There will be a lot of charging items during the actual installation process. There is an additional charge for a corner of the room. The door is less than 0.3 square meters to be charged at 0.3 square meters. After signing the contract, it will take a long time to install." The accumulation of these subtle issues will greatly compromise the consumer experience. Installation workers' words and deeds, dressing, and price transparency of construction details should be more standardized.

Finished dining room furniture Sales staff is the representative of the corporate image. It is necessary to improve the service ability and service awareness of sales staff, and achieve gradual and guided sales instead of yelling and sales in the past. When consumers are satisfied with the first product and service, it will cause a chain reaction and repeat purchases many times.

As a relatively new role in the market, the main material supply chain is still facing many doubts and uncertainties, and it is necessary to provide services well to gain market recognition.