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The opportunity in future for dining room furniture manufacturers
Author:Tangshifu Furniture| release time:2020-09-01

The furniture industry currently ranks first in the world in terms of export, manufacturing, and consumption. The scale is too large, and there are fewer explosive points in the market.

But is the Chinese furniture market really mature? Does the Chinese furniture market really no longer have to be passionate? Does the furniture market really no longer have much room for development?


The furniture industry has a huge scale both in terms of manufacturing and consumption. But there are still many problems in this market. A consumer complaint that was exposed recently is very telling. A consumer in a super first-tier city in China bought the most well-known brand furniture in the country in the most famous furniture chain store. After testing, the indoor air quality was not up to the national standard. The manufacturer only accepts the test results of the board. The test result of the board is in line with the national standard.

This is the reality of the furniture industry. Although the dining room furniture manufacturers is producing according to the national standard, the merchant is selling according to the national standard, and the consumer is not getting a satisfactory product.

Choose a business

The collapse of another national chain home improvement company seems to be more illustrative. This company has opened more than 40 chain stores across the country in five years, opening the way with advertising and attracting customers at low prices. A large number of consumers have embarked on a long way to defend their rights.

From the consumer's point of view, whether it is a formal store or an advertisement to choose a business, there are all kinds of business traps. If you are not careful, you will fall into an embarrassing situation of trouble.

In the first example above, consumers need higher-standard boards; in the second example, consumers need high-quality, secure, and credible whole-house assembly.

At present, in these two areas, it is obvious that there is no brand that can particularly meet the needs of consumers to come forward and ease the pain of consumers.

Difficult choices

Most consumers can only make difficult choices in the old supplier system. Feel wronged and seek completeness, and be careful. From the perspective of demand theory, it is clear that market supply has fallen behind demand.

Household consumers cannot consume with peace of mind and consume with satisfaction. This is in sharp contrast to the oversupply of furniture production. The dining room furniture manufacturersis alleviating the contrast.

In fact, there is still a problem on the supply side. There is less effective supply and more ineffective supply, resulting in waste of resources and misallocation of resources.

If you study the market carefully, you will find that new changes are taking place in the market every day.

All daily events may affect the shopping mentality of furniture consumers. Sometimes a news event can make a furniture category suffer bad luck.

dining room furniture manufacturers

Current market

However, the furniture industry has obviously not enough research on the subtle psychological changes of consumers, and some do not bother to research at all, thinking that based on experience and strength, it can take all.

Such an approach is obviously not suitable for the current market at all.

Consumers with large sums of money are the ones who take the initiative. They have every right to demand safer, cheaper, more beautiful, more connotative, more scientific and more practical furniture.

Therefore, bedroom furniture manufacturers, distributors must meet the reasonable needs of consumers, deeply understand the changes in consumers’ hearts, and in actual actions that keep pace with the times, provide consumers Satisfactory products and services.

Consumers know almost nothing about the production capacity of the furniture industry, so they cannot make clear and reasonable new demands for the furniture industry.

However, as a furniture practitioner, it is necessary to produce new products that meet the needs of consumers through their deepest psychological experience of consumers, and form new market demands through specific new products.

New demand

It seems that the new product drives the new demand, but in fact, the producer has completed the product expression of the consumer's demand, and the real object reflects the voice of the consumer.

It is this kind of product that once led the continuous progress of China's furniture industry and formed a hot spot for the continuous development of China's furniture industry.

Now that the furniture industry has grown bigger and seems to be mature, such products have decreased.

In-depth study of consumer psychology, put forward new product concepts that meet consumers' pain points, and produce new products that best meet consumer psychological needs, then business miracles can still be staged.

The furniture industry will no longer be a battle of physical strength, a battle of sweat, or even a battle of scale, a battle of strength, and more a battle of wisdom. dining room furniture manufacturers Seeking transformation and upgrading.

From the perspective of the big market environment, the Internet of Things is accelerating, and the strength of domestic consumption is becoming stronger. However, due to the overall increase in national power, the overseas market is also within the controllable and operable range. This is a new and exciting new furniture company. era.

The market always rewards those who are interested, and rewards those who discover and grasp opportunities.