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The online stores that bedroom furniture manufacturers opened recently
Author:Tangshifu Furniture| release time:2020-11-26

The online stores that bedroom furniture manufacturers opened recently.Furniture stores seem to be becoming more and more in line with shopping experience. On this basis, IKEA and MUJI have already launched their own online stores. As a general furniture dealer, naturally they have recently launched their own online shops.

Sharp increase

The sharp increase in the proportion of hard-covered houses has rapidly expanded the sales proportion of engineering channels. In the first half of the year, the retail share of almost all brands dropped sharply.

Traditional channels are sinking and channel expansion is becoming more and more tasteless. From central cities to third- and fourth-tier cities, the terminal stores have been fully surplus. No matter the low and peak seasons, the stores will always be deserted and the clerk selling bricks is far better than buying. There are many customers of Brick, and even if one or two individual customers come in, they may not be able to place an order.

The sharp decline in customer acquisition and profitability of single stores has led to a wave of store closures in many cities. In the past, the more stores opened and the wider the coverage, the better the sales. In recent years, the contribution rate of unit terminal stores to sales has been in a downward trend.

Growing stores

The traditional marketing tactic is that the company will sink and expand through channels. In a few years, 100 stores will be added, and sales will increase by 120 million yuan. There is almost no big problem; however, it doesn’t work anymore, stores are opened, and channel layout is completed. However, the saleable does not increase simultaneously with the increase in the number of stores. More often, the number of stores is growing, but the sales are standing still.

In the past, store sales had a set of professional pick-up procedures, including speaking skills, product introductions, and single steps, etc., requiring store sales staff to have a good image and enthusiasm for customers, but also to master professional knowledge and marketing skills, but now these majors The opportunity for skills to be converted into orders is rapidly declining.

Not only in first- and second-tier cities, but also in third- and fourth-tier cities, are vigorously promoting hardcover houses, and the frequency and share of consumers buying ceramic tiles are becoming lower and lower.

Under such changes, the channels sink and expand, naturally losing their original effectiveness.

Customers shopping online will lack physical experience and will need guide for buying furniture.