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Sharing more about furniture shopping experience in the internet age
Author:Tangshifu Furniture| release time:2020-11-26

Online shopping is very convenient. However, after buying unsatisfactory goods, it becomes very troublesome to return and exchange them.

Experiential marketing has been the mainstream marketing model in the industry for a long time. Companies launch new products every year, and businesses will renovate and upgrade their stores as soon as possible. New products, new designs, new styles, new accessories, all kinds of exquisite spaces, can not help but tempted consumers.

Multiple products

In addition to all kinds of accessories and accessories, the living room must have a sofa, the bedroom must have a bed, and the kitchen must have a kitchen cabinet and stove. It is a 1:1 scene reproduction, plus European, simple European, Chinese, and new Chinese…

Manufacturers have been repeatedly polishing and improving storefront upgrades and scene updates throughout the year. Because of such efforts, the effect is remarkable. Many consumers can't help themselves as soon as they enter the store: "This is what I thought of." They can't wait to move the model room to their home immediately.

The emergence of the design cloud has made the display of traditional storefront scenes useless. No matter how large the store is and how many model rooms are, you cannot meet the changing needs of customers. Even if it is updated once a year, the actual scenes are still limited and the investment is huge.

The designer

The designer only needs to master the customer's apartment type and related data through the measurement room, and can provide you with a complete set of design solutions in a short time, and through the cloud to achieve the effect of what you see is what you get, plus VR Technology allows you to experience the 3D panorama of the future home space at 720 degrees. If you are not satisfied, OK, immediately change a design and style to you. With tens of thousands of templates, there is always one suitable for you.

This way of display and experience has allowed customers who bought bricks to go from store sales to designers.

If customers do not have time to experience, Reading guide for buying furniture is also a good choice.

At the same time, a store that no one patronizes looks deserted and no one enters or exits. However, the merchant has already implemented online marketing to accurately intercept, capture, see samples, place orders, design, and shop online. Wait for the whole process, and such changes are becoming more and more urgent.