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Assembly decoration is designed by living room furniture manufacturers
Author:Tangshifu Furniture| release time:2020-11-25

The whole installation is just a product, not the direction of future development. In fact, many living room furniture manufacturers have realized the whole installation very early. You will find that soft furnishings are their incidental sales.

Sales cost

For them, the sales cost is extremely low, so they can give very low prices. Then the so-called complete furnishing companies face their competition in this model. What you can imagine.

living room furniture manufacturers
living room furniture

So you will find that most of the customers in the soft decoration industry are building model rooms and high-end decorations that reflect their identity. This type of customer has spiritual needs and needs the service of a soft decoration designer. This has nothing to do with the design itself. It is only a demand of value customers.

Soft assembly decoration

It is just that the living room furniture designer has a market, and the soft assembly decoration is designed to form an enterprise similar to the current home improvement company model, so there is basically no future. What ordinary decoration customers need is pre-design and industrialized production, and the purchasing behavior of home furnishing stores. This is also the reason why IKEA and MUJI have been successful.

Now everyone is concerned about the homogeneity and standardization of the living room furniture industry. In fact, we investigated the situation of customized furniture a few years ago and found that there is a huge problem with free customization based on the specific situation of the room. The samples of the exhibition hall look very good. The cabinet was customized for the space of the house at home, which caused the scale to be deformed and ugly.

Finally, under the guidance of a big brother, he understood the principle of German system furniture. At that time, he designed the 23-plate standard system furniture system for the company's perfect home improvement. Freely assemble customized furniture suitable for any space in proportion. Now custom furniture companies are slowly adopting standard cabinet combinations and using construction to make up space to achieve the goal of standard cabinets.

Branded companies in the custom home furnishing industry will gradually optimize their product systems, and provide services to customers pursuing high-quality, and all home building materials companies that have established brand barriers will develop into luxury goods monopoly, and others will go to various Hypermarket. From the perspective of the service chain, the enterprises that have not established a brand enterprise will eventually develop into a production and processing enterprise purely pursuing scale efficiency according to the service chain dimension. For ordinary consumers, guide for buying furniture is enough.