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The listed projects of living room furniture manufacturers in china
Author:Tangshifu Furniture| release time:2020-08-13

Unexpected situations that often occur in the lives of the elderly will be avoided to a large extent with the implementation of the renovation of the aging of the home.

Industrial support

The living room furniture manufacturers in china implements aging-adaptive transformation of elderly families in special difficulties, innovates working mechanisms, strengthens industrial support, stimulates market vitality, accelerates the cultivation of the home-adaptable aging transformation market, and effectively meets the needs of elderly families in urban and rural areas.

The listed projects are divided into basic and optional categories, covering seven types of 30 renovation content, including ground, doors, bedrooms, toilets and bathing equipment, kitchen equipment, physical environment, and elderly supplies configuration, including 7 basic projects and 23 optional Select the project. The dining room furniture manufacturers in china must adhere to local conditions, avoid “one size fits all,” and “image projects” that deviate from reality, and improve the living environment inside and outside the housing for the elderly.

It is worth noting that basic projects are renovation projects and supplies for the elderly that the government subsidizes and support for elderly families in special difficulties. They are the basic content of renovation and configuration. There are 7 items in total.

Among them, the ground renovation requires anti-skid treatment and height difference treatment in areas such as bathrooms, kitchens, and bedrooms. Lay anti-skid bricks or anti-skid floor glue to prevent elderly people from slipping and improve safety; at the same time, pave cement ramps or add movable ramps made of rubber and other materials to ensure a smooth road surface without height difference obstacles and facilitate wheelchair access.

living room furniture manufacturers in china

The supplies

The bedroom transformation requires the installation of bedside guardrails or grab bars to assist the elderly to get up and get out of the bed, prevent turning over and rolling out of the bed, and ensure the safety of sleep and activities of the elderly.

The transformation of toilet and bathing equipment requires changing the squatting toilet to a toilet to reduce the pressure on the legs caused by the squatting posture, prevent the elderly from falling when going to the toilet, and facilitate the use of the elderly in wheelchairs. At the same time, a shower chair is required to assist the elderly in bathing and avoid slipping.

For the configuration of elderly supplies, walking sticks and anti-lost decorations are required. Walking sticks are used to assist the elderly to stand and walk steadily, including three-legged or four-legged walking sticks, stool crutches, etc.; anti-lost decorations are used to monitor the positioning of the elderly with dementia or other mentally disabled elderly to prevent them from losing, including anti-lost bracelets , Anti-lost badges, etc.

Optional items are age-appropriate renovation projects and elderly supplies that can be purchased by the elderly at their own expense, including floor leveling and hardening, threshold wardrobes, swing doors changed to sliding doors, flashing vibrating doorbells, kitchen countertops heightened, and a central part 23 specific items such as cabinets.

Home improvement projects

The most urgently needed home improvement projects for elderly people with special difficulties will provide necessary support through financial subsidies, social donations, etc.; include eligible services in the government's guiding catalog for purchasing elderly care services, and determine the service content and purchase costs. Implement budget performance management throughout the process.

At the same time, the dining room furniture manufacturers in china donated to support the renovation of home-suitable aging for elderly families with special difficulties; explored the establishment of home-based elderly care beds, supported elderly care service agencies to participate in the renovation of home-suitable aging, and provided on-site care services to realize institutional elderly care and home communities Integrated development of elderly care. Where conditions permit, preferential policies such as construction subsidies and operating subsidies enjoyed by pension institutions can be extended to family pension beds.

At the same time as the home renovation, it will also do a good job in the overall planning and connection with the renovation of old communities in cities and towns. According to the actual situation, improve the community ramps, elevators and other public facilities that are closely related to the daily life of the elderly, and provide the elderly with safety, convenience and convenience. Comfortable and livable environment.

In addition, it is necessary to strengthen social publicity and guidance to stimulate the willingness and consumption potential of elderly families, and living room furniture manufacturers in china will guide the development of facility transformation and elderly supplies that meet the physiological characteristics and safety needs of the elderly to meet the needs of elderly Daily life needs, to facilitate family members' care and services, and to play the basic role of family care for the elderly.