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In life, the balcony is a special existence
Author:Tangshifu Furniture| release time:2020-08-13

In one year, the industry's awareness of "balcony decoration" has greatly improved, and more and more brands have begun to join it. In 2020, although it will take some time for the entire industry to fully recover, the pace of the balcony assembly market has not stopped.

All spaces allow people to stay indoors, but it draws people to the outdoors; it is not only a part of the home space, reflecting the external image of "home", but also the "facade" of the city, and it is an indispensable part of urban humanity .

Elegant balconies

The living room furniture manufacturers in china found that in many cities in Europe, you can look up at the neat and elegant balconies carefully cleaned by the locals, and they are often decorated with flowers and various plants to become part of the local landscape

The ancient form of balcony: Juliet and "Beauty Leaning"

  The word "balcony" (balcony) comes from the Italian "cone", indicating that the original balcony has no bottom support.

  In the West, the earliest balconies are believed to have appeared in ancient Greek buildings more than 2,000 years ago. At that time, they were mainly used to meet functional needs, such as increasing air circulation in a hot climate or introducing natural light.

  The Juliet balcony (named from Juliet in Shakespeare's writings), once very popular in Europe, is considered to be a representative of the transition from function to decoration of the balcony.

Juliet balcony

  But in fact, it cannot be regarded as a real balcony, because it is usually narrow in depth, with only railings in the front and no platform. In more sense, it is regarded as a “symbol of love”. Subsequently, various balconies appeared one after another.

  Juliet balcony is considered to be the representative of the transition from function to decoration.

  In traditional Chinese buildings, especially those in the Han area, it is difficult for manufacturers to find exactly the same counterparts in the West, but this does not mean that China lacks such a lifestyle.

  In fact, the dining room furniture manufacturers in china Chinese also have a very particular way of connecting the outdoors with the indoors, and connecting life with nature.

At the same time, residential double balconies or multiple balconies began to appear, and there was a difference between "service balcony" and "life balcony".

Living space

  The service balcony is generally connected to the kitchen on the north side, and the living balcony is connected to the master bedroom on the south side. No matter what, in people's living space, the area of balcony is more and more.

At the same time, there are self-styled balconies in the north. People either close the service balconies as kitchens, or remove the doors and windows of the living balconies connected to the living room to increase the living space area or use them as the second living space of the family.

living room furniture manufacturers in china

Today, people have a richer choice of housing, high-rise residential buildings, duplex buildings, garden communities, and even small villas with single doors and detached houses, etc. The balcony has become a part of people’s lives, and it can even be said to be a modern high-rise building. A paradise opened up between.

For busy urban people and living room furniture manufacturers in china , they have their own balcony garden, and the reinforced concrete can't stop the spring breath of the balcony.

Quality of life

It is very common to grow flowers on balcony due to the suitable climate. Almost every household will put their favorite flowers on the balcony.

As more and more people begin to pursue the quality of life, people’s attention to the balcony is also changing day by day.

  In addition to the most basic balcony decoration-such as waterproofing, floor tiles, wall tiles, balcony decoration has begun to develop in a more personalized direction. The popularity of balcony tatami makes people pay more attention to this space.

The future

What will the balcony look like in the future?

The emergence of balcony firstly meets people's functional needs-lighting, ventilation and drying, etc., decorative needs make the balcony more changeable and rich in humanity, and even become a local landscape.

  Today, the balcony has gradually become a place for people to get close to nature and relax. So what will happen to the balcony in the future?

  To be sure, with the advent of an aging society, balcony space will become more important. On the one hand, the elderly often need more sunshine and fresh air. More importantly, the balcony designed by the dining room furniture manufacturers in china can be an ideal place for the elderly to stay in the leisure space, reducing the sense of loneliness. Therefore, balcony design for the needs of the elderly will be paid more attention.

  Not only that, the balcony will be more intelligent in the future. In addition to smart drying racks, smart shades, smart security, etc. will enter more and more families, allowing people to enjoy more convenience.

In short, a seemingly "inconspicuous" place like the balcony will become an important place for people's lives, and it will also bring about the rise of an industry and the explosion of a market.