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The stage of living room furniture manufacturers in china
Author:Tangshifu Furniture| release time:2020-08-13

Whether it is flooring, wooden doors, or custom furniture, they are all industrial products. For popular industrial products, there is no need to transition to extreme demands beyond safety standards. This so-called good beyond safety is meaningless to consumers, and it is also a cost burden and waste for industrial production. Why do Europe and the United States never hype the concept of aldehyde-free on sheet metal, and consumers have almost no requirements for aldehyde-free, because everyone has a clear definition of safety.

Safe level

In developed industrial countries in Europe and the United States, the requirements for furniture panels are E0 or E1 (my country's indoor furniture standards are formulated with reference to the European E1 standards). Although the E0 level also contains a certain amount of formaldehyde, the E0 level has fully reached the "laboratory" level that has strict environmental requirements, and is already a very safe level.

There are too many harmful substances in nature, not all natural growths are necessarily non-toxic and harmless, and a small amount of formaldehyde release does not mean unsafe. No one can live in a dust-free vacuum. In the final analysis, what is needed is safe products that are harmless to health.

In addition, it is worth noting that, because the national testing agency's detection of household boards is limited to formaldehyde emissions, some companies only pay attention to formaldehyde indicators, but do not care about the use of other various additives. While reducing formaldehyde emissions, it may Will derive new hazardous substances or gases.

European and American countries have entered industrialization very early. People there have a deep knowledge and understanding of industry, and they almost never pay attention to extreme customer needs beyond the boundaries of industrial processing. The so-called "whole house" that is closely related to the building, stands upright, and requires on-site construction. Customized products are really a phenomenon unique to China. Comment on the right and the wrong. Existence is reasonable. It can only be said that the reason lies in cultural differences and differences in understanding of industrialization.

Knowledge of the industry

The production efficiency of industrial products is measured in minutes or seconds. For example, on a furniture production line, drilling is a "stuck neck" process. The traditional drilling action is generally 5 seconds. If there is a reasonable industrial design, it means that the production line can produce one furniture component every 5 seconds.

Each piece of furniture has an average of more than a dozen plate components. The production time for a piece of furniture should be 1 Minutes or so, which is why the world's largest panel furniture factory (Nobilia, Germany) can ship 150 containers per day. This shows the importance of industrial standards, and living room furniture manufacturers in china This idea is needed. Ironically, commercial industrial design forums and awards abound.

Global furniture trade

  China is a big country in the global furniture trade, which can only show that China's furniture industry is large in size, not strong. In the growth process of country's furniture industry, there are not only gratifying sides, but also regrets left by insufficient supply during the rapid growth. If we refer to the current popular formulation of "Industry 4.0" to measure the stage of China’s furniture industry, the industrialization of China’s furniture industry is still in the early to mid-stage dining room furniture manufacturers in china There is still a lot of room for improvement in terms of technology, technology, and production management.

Most companies in the furniture industry lack the necessary accumulation and structured precipitation of systematic industrial knowledge. This has resulted in many unreasonable phenomena in production, particularly significant It is the low production efficiency and high error rate, which indirectly leads to the unreasonable proportion of product cost, and obviously affects our continued development in the next stage. These are not difficult to get evidence from the public financial reports of major listed companies.

Production management

It is not difficult for dining room furniture manufacturers in china to use production tools to make furniture, but they should master the reasonable methods behind the tools, as well as how to understand and use systematic industrial technology and production management knowledge to control product development and material supply The whole process of production, processing, packaging, storage and transportation and service requires long-term research and precipitation to obtain.

living room furniture manufacturers in china

The furniture industry is a traditional manufacturing industry, which does not involve trade barriers to advanced equipment. The upgrade of production equipment can be "brought" from Europe in one step, but the production technology knowledge, standardization construction, and lean manufacturing management ideas that can truly reflect the productivity of the enterprise can only rely on Own practice exploration is gradually accumulated, optimized and perfected.

Most people rarely peep into the furniture industry from the perspective of industry and industrialization. For industrial furniture, especially
living room furniture manufacturers in china that can be fully industrialized, our companies and employees seem to forget that furniture manufacturing is an industrial product under industrialized means, and ignore the word "industry" Naturally, it ignores the rules behind "industry" and loses the awe of "industry."