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Internet traffic portals have provided opportunities to living room furniture manufacturers
Author:Tangshifu Furniture| release time:2020-09-07

We subdivide them according to the industrial chain from the manufacturing end to the user, and we can divide the home furnishing industry enterprises into several major categories: product providers, service providers, and user portal service providers.

The key to competition is to see who can provide solutions to seize the opportunity. In the past, there were only product providers and service providers in the home improvement market. In contrast, service providers have more advantages.


As the big home 4.0 stage of the ecosystem, the focus is on the integration of the supply chain. However, the establishment of a large home ecosystem is not a capability that a company can possess, because this category is too large, and a one-stop overall solution can only be achieved through resource integration and platform cooperation.

Who is the integrator? It is possible to become an integrator if you have a platform, so everyone wants to build a platform to build an ecosystem, but not living room furnitures can be platform.

Therefore, there will be some vertical integration strategies in the large home furnishing industry to become better and stronger in its own field and form a unique competitive advantage. To build an ecosystem on a platform, as an integrator requires a lot of supporting facilities, it is impossible to complete all products.

Customized home furnishing companies have developed to a certain level, it is difficult to maintain sustained growth, because internal integration is very difficult, customized cabinets, wardrobe companies, wooden doors, bathroom space and other companies.

Entire industry

After the emergence of specialized companies, platform companies with big data and Internet traffic portals have provided opportunities and environments for cross-border integration into the large home industry.

Integrators are not limited to companies in the large home industry, including Internet platforms and real estate. Waiting for traffic-entry enterprises, cross-border robbery has become a new integrator, knocking down the entire large home furnishing industry.

In the future, there will be more competitors coming in. Competitors or partners are not limited to the large home furnishing industry. In the future, platforms and platforms, living room furnitures and specialized companies and traffic entry companies will have various network or cellular cooperation patterns, and Hezong will be ubiquitous.

In the future, there will be more competitors coming in. Competitors or partners are not limited to the large home furnishing industry. In the future, platforms and platforms, platforms and specialized companies, and traffic portal companies will have various network or honeycomb cooperation modes, and Hezong will be ubiquitous.

living room furnitures

Product innovation

Like fast fashion brands, the home furnishing market is also heavily influenced by fashion trends and consumer behavior. Young consumers are no less chasing fashionable home furnishings than fashionable clothing, beauty and skin care. The number of posts about home decoration shared on Xiaohongshu reached 460,000.

In addition to likes and collections, platform users understand various home decoration and furniture brands. Trending information, and I am also very happy to share my home pictures.

At the same time, consumers also have more diversified expectations for shopping methods. In response to changes in consumer demand, the sales channels of some brands have begun to expand from physical stores to pop-up stores, from integrated e-commerce to vertical e-commerce and social e-commerce. Commercial and product displays also range from high-definition large images to panoramic videos to virtual experiences.

Responding to the same market challenges, grasping the changing industry development and consumer behavior, expanding more emerging markets and more sales channels, and accelerating the speed of product innovation to quickly respond to the market, these three points have also become home furniture companies that need to pay attention to. Development direction.