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The changes in these sales scenes of wood chair manufacturers
Author:Tangshifu Furniture| release time:2020-11-11

In the past, furniture would only be sold in furniture stores. Therefore, luxury furniture stores are powerful promotional tools. Consumers are willing to pay high amounts in such a shopping environment.

Nowadays, furniture sales locations are diversified. The designer's computer is becoming a new furniture sales tool.

Consumers see the scene of their new home from the designer’s computer and pay for it, which has become a popular way to buy wood chairs.

The designer’s computer may be placed in the office of the decoration company, in the community store of the real estate, or even in the model room of the real estate company. When the real estate company sells the building, it will jointly sell the furniture with the furniture business. Up.

The changes in these sales scenes actually mean that furniture as a commodity has changed its attributes—from things to services.

It used to sell furniture, now it sells Meiju.

Because it sells home furnishings, furniture alone is not enough. It is necessary to sell curtains and lamps at the same time, and some even extend to various interior decorations, or even hard decorations.

Due to changes in the furniture sales venues, the statistics bureau’s data on furniture sales is no longer accurate because the statistical objects have changed. In fact, it is almost impossible to count the sales of household appliances correctly.

However, many furniture industry practitioners have not yet realized this change, or are unwilling to adapt to this change.

The change from buying furniture to buying home space is actually an inevitable reflection of people's income upgrade, and a concrete manifestation of consumption upgrade in the furniture field.

The wood chair manufacturers realized this early, and prepared in time to meet this market change, and profit early.

The demand for upgrading will inevitably accompany the expenditure for upgrading. Consumers are ready, but furniture people are not ready. This is a weird thing.

In the future, in the furniture store, what we see should be the Meiju model room, and it is the space designer who can introduce products and services in depth. A competent furniture salesperson is the one who pierces the needle among consumers, designers, decorators, and furniture manufacturers.

The products sold have changed, and the form of sales will of course change accordingly. This change, in mainstream furniture shopping malls, has not yet occurred.

From selling beautiful to selling healthy

When finished furniture has been upgraded from panel furniture to solid wood furniture and has undergone several changes in furniture styles, custom panel furniture has opened up a new battlefield and reaped considerable industry profits.

Many companies in The chair manufacturers in China have successfully listed on the market. Just for listing, customized furniture is more successful than finished furniture.

The success of custom-made furniture stems from its beauty and overall space.

Nowadays, customized furniture has also encountered a growth bottleneck, and has to turn to engineering orders and turn to horizontal expansion. Consumers’ dissatisfaction has been reflected in sales orders.