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Current chair brand opens stores on major e-commerce platforms
Author:Tangshifu Furniture| release time:2020-11-09

The current chair brand opens stores on major e-commerce platforms, and costs such as promotion costs, personnel costs, logistics costs, and model costs are not low, and the product cannot maintain a gross profit of more than 30%.

Online product photos

Because the color of online product photos is very different from the actual product, chair is different from clothing, and the logistics cost is high. Therefore, customers are optimistic about the product on the Internet. If there is no physical store to view the product in the local area, the customer service will usually send a sample to himself. Place an order formally.

The communication cost between the buyer and the customer service of the online store is not low, especially in terms of model confirmation, there is still a gap between the effect of the sample and the whole product, which makes the pure online sales of chair still more difficult. As long as traditional dealers can reasonably control profits, tile e-commerce can only play a role of soy sauce at best, and cannot compete with traditional dealers.

In recent years, home improvement companies and home improvement companies have come in fiercely. Because they control the decoration resources on hand, they have put a lot of pressure on the sales of wood chair manufacturers.

wood chair manufacturers

Provide effective support

First of all, such companies will not stock. Neither can provide effective financial support for manufacturers, nor can they share inventory pressure, and even due to the checkout cycle, they still occupy factory funds to a large extent. Manufacturers cooperate with them not out of wish, but helpless by the situation. selected.

. Home improvement companies and home improvement companies are decoration service companies that make profits through decoration services, and now extend their operating profits to materials, which itself means "Caesar wants God." These companies are very sticky to the decoration customers, and are not the customer resources that the wood chair manufacturers want.