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The shortages of sharing furniture considered by contemporary chair manufacturers in china
Author:Tangshifu Furniture| release time:2020-11-11

The recognition of contemporary chair manufacturers in china has brought about the negative impact in the sharing economy.
The sharing economy has brought unprecedented convenience to our lives, but we should also see the opposite of this model.

The news

There have been negative news about 8 companies in the shared power bank market, and 4 of them have closed down; Didi Dache, the leader in shared cars, has frequent accidents, and it is difficult to effectively solve safety hazards…

When we analyze an industry, we want to see whether an industry has development potential, and we should always pay more attention to its shortcomings. Shared home has just started in our country, the concept is relatively new and comfortable and convenient to consume, there is no doubt that there is market enthusiasm. But compared to other industries in the home, the shortcomings are many and obvious.

contemporary chair manufacturers in china

The shortages

1.Limited audience

At present, the scope of shared homes is relatively limited, mainly limited to young renters and companies. Compared with other trends in the home furnishing industry, such as whole house customization, overall home decoration, etc., shared homes are difficult to become the mainstream market.

2.High investment cost and high risk of damage

When the contemporary chair enterprise deploys the sharing model, it needs to invest a large economic cost in the early stage, and the entire supply chain and resource chain must be integrated, and this sharing model will be worn and destroyed during the implementation process. The products are different. The transfer between users will also increase the hygiene risks of the product. This is an issue that requires careful consideration for both businesses and consumers.

3.It is difficult for shared homes to truly achieve "sharing"

We can see from the contemporary chair market status that my country’s current shared home furnishing market is still immature and has not achieved true sharing. Most of them sell furniture under the slogan of “sharing” and cultivate the second-hand furniture rental market. The industry belongs to the industry with more "experience". If you want to achieve true sharing, there is still a long way to go, and whether this path will work is still unknown.

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