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The furniture rental experience from a young white-collar recently
Author:Tangshifu Furniture| release time:2020-11-12

The operation of the furniture rental platform is an asset-heavy operation, and it is currently easier to develop to the B-end. B-end users focus on cost and efficiency. The furniture rental cooperative suppliers and third-party platforms can effectively meet their short and flat , Fast demand.

Rental company

At the beginning of this year, the home retail giant IKEA launched the "furniture rental" business on a pilot basis, and said it would promote it next year. This matter has caused widespread concern in the market. The reporter learned that when the sharing economy was the most prevalent in 2017, a number of shared home apps emerged on the market, including rent cube, Dome, shaking home, easy living, chartered meow, etc.

But, Currently available through search, and still in operation, are the only ones left to live and rent. Industry analysts believe that "home rental" is a slow business with heavy asset operations and long return periods. The current business model is more focused on the B-end (startups, branded apartments, landlords, etc.), and large-scale at the C-end ( (Individual users) implementation still takes time.

furniture rental cooperative suppliers

Shared homes

The "renting family" gave birth to shared homes. Houses can be rented out, and home furnishings are no exception. It is understood that when the sharing economy prevailed in 2017, a number of shared home apps emerged on the market, such as renting cube, Dome, Shaking Home, Easy Living, and Charter Meow. The essence of these platforms is "Home Rental".

The reporter saw on the "Easy Living" app that users can rent three types of products: furniture, home appliances, and ornaments, as well as package options based on design styles. The products are rented for 3 months and the rent ranges from a few yuan to hundreds Yuan varies. It is understood that after the customer places an order on the APP, the platform will provide free delivery and warranty, but additional installation and disassembly fees will be charged. Like one

A double bed of 1.5×2 meters costs 144 yuan, and a double-drawer bedside table costs 30 yuan. The platform customer service told reporters that if the user needs to withdraw the lease early, he still has to pay the rent for the remaining lease term.

A user of furniture rental

Michelle told reporters that she and her roommate rented a three-bedroom and two-living house, and the landlord furnished it with very simple furniture, so she chose to rent furniture on the platform. “Desks, sofas, storage cabinets, etc. can all be rented, and the longer the rent, the more favorable.” She said that she rented 12 pieces of furniture and home appliances, and the average annual rent is about 70 US dollars per month.

Factors such as short renting cycles and changing consumer concepts have brought a market for furniture rental. Home rental entrepreneur Chen Zhong (pseudonym) told reporters that the younger generation of consumers has higher and higher requirements for the quality of life, but due to the large fluctuations in work and the trouble of moving, there will be a demand for home rental. In addition, there is also a huge market demand for long-term rental apartments and start-up companies.

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