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Choose wall decorations from living room furniture manufacturers in china
Author:Tangshifu Furniture| release time:2020-08-14

The increase in the income level of residents, the sweeping wave of consumption upgrades, the development of the real estate industry, and the implementation of fine decoration policies have also brought about the upgrade of residential consumption, and more and more consumers have switched from functional consumption to comfort. And aesthetic consumption, wall decoration has also changed from a single material to exquisite wallpaper wall covering. Consumers have changed from not only focusing on product consumption to focusing on service and experience consumption. After choosing wallpaper and wall covering decoration, they pay more attention to whether to provide after-sales warranty service.

The value

For living room furniture manufacturers in china, how to meet consumers' personalized space needs and improve supporting service standards; respond to the fierce competition in the industry, how to reduce costs and increase efficiency, and increase the value of residential quality; and worry about choosing wallpaper wall coverings Problems such as mildew, edge warping, shedding, and lack of after-sales service need to be considered and resolved.

Facing the homogenization of wallpaper wall covering products and the disordered competition, how to promote the healthy development of the industry and strive for a larger market share? Offline sales channels have encountered development bottlenecks, how to improve performance? Due to irregular construction, wallpaper wall coverings become moldy, Edge warping, shedding, and lack of after-sales service have blocked the real estate business’s intention to buy wallpaper and wall coverings. How should we deal with them? These problems have also become a puzzle for dining room furniture manufacturers in china.

Product quality, green and harmless, comprehensive services, industry scale, and management information have become the breaking point and the only way for the development of the wall decoration industry.

Wallpaper wall

At the forum, as a service provider for promoting wallpaper wall covering system solutions, Jialifeng and the excellent wallpaper wall covering brand proposed "high-quality wallpaper wall covering + high-quality wallpaper wall covering construction materials + high-quality construction + high-quality after-sales service guarantee + Internet platform "Integrated system engineering solutions.

living room furniture manufacturers in china

Product quality is related to consumer rights and health, and is the life of living room furniture manufacturers in china. Which well-known brands of wallpaper and wall coverings will the integrated system engineering solution unite to provide consumers with high-quality products?

"A good horse is equipped with a good saddle", high-quality wallpaper wall covering must also be equipped with high-quality construction materials, and high-quality wallpaper wall covering construction materials ensure the final effect of wallpaper wall covering pasted on the wall.

The construction standard or not directly determines the visual effect of the wall covering and the service life of the wall covering. As living room furniture manufacturers in china that has cultivated professional masters, how to make use of its resource advantages of professional construction masters?

Internet platform

Since the after-sales service of wallpaper wall coverings is highly comprehensive, involving multiple links from production to logistics distribution, construction acceptance, etc., it is challenging to provide perfect after-sales service for wallpaper wall covering brands. What kind of after-sales guarantee service will the integrated system solution provide?

The continuous iteration of technology has led the home improvement industry to gradually enter the era of Internet civilization. Wallpaper wall covering enterprises jointly established an integrated Internet platform for online construction dispatch, construction supervision, online evaluation, and construction training.

What kind of functions will the integrated Internet platform provide? How will the integrated system engineering solution and the wallpaper and wall covering brand be combined? After the combination, how will the real estate developers reduce costs and increase efficiency and increase the value of houses? Achieving substantial results to promote industry changes? Who are the big names on the scene? What is the development trend of wall decoration? On November 15, these issues will be revealed along with the development.