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Purchasing environmentally friendly furniture from furniture warehouse of manufacturers
Author:Tangshifu Furniture| release time:2020-11-13

Purchasing environmentally friendly furniture from furniture warehouse of manufacturers.The furniture warehouse of manufacturers is indispensable.

People like healthy, environmentally friendly furniture products. With the continuous improvement of residents' living and income levels, household consumption has also undergone profound changes in the new consumption era:

On the one hand, the post-80s have gradually become the main consumer of home improvement, and the post-90s are entering the home improvement consumer market. Consumers are pursuing individuality, fashion, and simplicity, abandoning stereotypes, and abandoning complicated and heavy personality characteristics. Personalization has become an important pursuit of the home furnishing industry.

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With the further segmentation of the home furnishing market, many home furnishing companies have borrowed trendy brand names such as "strictly selected" and "made" to fight for brand marketing on the Internet. Before consumers are attracted to consume, they pay more attention to brand reputation and Evaluation.

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On the other hand, consumers are increasingly demanding high-end customization and personalization, and new consumer experiences similar to "customized services" are increasingly sought after by people. In addition to paying attention to the product itself, consumers also pay more attention to the emotional output the product brings to people, and the harmony between the product and the surrounding overall home furnishing products.

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This consumer's search volume for keywords such as "environmental protection", "simplicity" and "health" has greatly increased, and green human settlements have become a new goal pursued by people.

According to research, when consumers buy household products, 36% of households regard environmental protection as their primary criterion. Some consumers will read the guide for buying furniture before buying.

With the overall upgrade of consumers’ brand consumption awareness, the brand building of the home furnishing industry is undergoing upgrade changes from low-level to high-level, changes from rational to perceptual consideration, and changes from brand advertising to increased brand awareness. The changes in this home furnishing industry will also drive consumers to choose branded furniture more rationally.