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Providing one-stop service by sofa covers manufacturers in china
Author:Tangshifu Furniture| release time:2020-11-16

The provision of comprehensive services by sofa covers manufacturers in china has become an important way to improve competitiveness.

Consumers are gradually becoming "lazy". More and more people's consumption habit of "one-stop shopping" has given birth to a large number of whole house custom furniture companies, and it has also forced many furniture companies to transform and upgrade.

For the whole house

Some finished furniture companies have switched to whole-house customization, and some single-category companies have switched to whole-house customization. The whole house customization companies are even more non-stop, spending money to provide one-stop service for the whole house, and strive to occupy more markets as soon as possible.

To be bigger and more complete, all kinds of companies seem to be running out of wild horses one by one, accelerating wildly in this wave of consumption upgrades, or expanding their business as much as possible, or expanding product categories, and rushing to the "big home" The ultimate goal.

In the Red Sea, everyone is in danger. Is it to keep up with the trend and expand the category to seize the market, or to proceed step by step and wait for the changes?

When sofa companies develop to a certain level, they will face this age-old problem: Should they follow the vertical product line of "professional and sophisticated", or expand their categories and adopt the strategy of "big and complete"? Can sofa companies effectively provide one-stop service?

When an enterprise needs to consider this issue when it develops, at least it shows that the original product of the enterprise is successful and has been able to make stable profits, and it needs to seek new profit growth points.

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The pursuit of vertical products

Applying the principle of wooden barrels, vertical deepening of products is to lengthen the company's own longboard. The pursuit of vertical products is to gain more market share in quantitative consumer groups, and companies continue to deepen their vertical fields to increase the loyal customer base of sofa companies.

Expanding product categories can be seen as extending or supplementing the shortcomings of the enterprise, and extending it to the same height as the original longboard of the enterprise, in pursuit of increasing the total number of consumers.

Although "big and complete" is the trend of the times, there are not a few successful companies that focus on vertical products. The two are mainly aimed at different consumer groups, and they have their own advantages and disadvantages in shaping the corporate brand power.

There is no right or wrong distinction between the two options, and companies can choose their own development route based on their future development model. Catering to the needs of consumers should be the top priority of enterprises. Therefore, many manufacturers and businesses will provide guide for buying furniture to consumers.

But what many entrepreneurs have not figured out is that product category expansion should not be the solution to corporate dilemmas.