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let room be healthy and clean by using sofa covers for sectionals
Author:Tangshifu Furniture| release time:2020-11-16

The Sofa covers are easy to get dirty during use, and high-quality environmentally friendly sofa covers for sectionals can effectively prevent dust and are good for the skin.

The elderly have higher requirements for air quality. We need to create a clean environment for them.
Furniture suitable for the elderly, furniture suitable for the life of the elderly, the target audience is very clear. However, whether in furniture exhibitions or furniture stores, we rarely see professional furniture brands suitable for old age.

Choose a suitable furniture

As for children's furniture, which is also a sub-category, there are many brand competitors, and the market has been cultivated to an extremely mature level.

Many consumers said that it is very difficult to choose a suitable furniture product for the elderly at home. There is no such thing as “furniture suitable for old” on the shopping guides of major home furnishing stores. Many shop owners also expressed this Don’t catch a cold and said with a smile, “Adult furniture is old-age furniture, and old-age furniture is ordinary furniture. At most, the furniture that can touch the old is classical furniture.”

Using sofa covers to replace the old covers to maintain a clean and comfortable living environment.

Nowadays, some companies that make furniture suitable for the elderly are basically docking projects such as nursing homes and hospitals. There are few companies that manufacture sofas suitable for the elderly for civilian households. On the contrary, some real estate companies start from the residential environment required by the elderly. Set out to get involved in sofa covers suitable for the elderly.

As early as 2010, Vanke had already announced its entry into the development and operation of aging residential buildings, and began to conduct related research work on supporting furniture for the elderly.

Generally speaking, furniture suitable for old age is only discussed in a small circle and studied. Its experimental and emotional properties are far greater than its commerciality and applicability.

Its scope of application is mainly in engineering orders and its upstream and downstream industrial chains. The prototype has not yet appeared, and it is far from becoming a "blue ocean" to attract civilian furniture companies.

sofa covers for sectionals

Consumption habit

Lack of consumption power and concepts. At present, the large proportion of suitable old furniture is mainly concentrated in developed countries, such as Japan, Germany, and Canada. In China, the long-term consumption habit is that people are willing to spend investment in future generations, and pay much less attention to the elderly.It is a good choice to buy sofas and sofa covers by referring to theguide for buying furniture.

In addition, many families now have a "421" family structure, and various living costs such as mortgages and education have pressured the pillars of the family to take care of the elderly. Many elderly people have to help raise their grandchildren. This is why the children's furniture is very popular, while the elderly furniture is very deserted.

In many families with lower income levels, the elderly are forgotten roles. Even if they are not forgotten, old-age furniture, which is much more expensive than conventional furniture, discourages many children.