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Open a store in central area
Author:Tangshifu Furniture| release time:2020-08-07

How can you open a store in the household business now?On the basis of traditional practices, some powerful companies are exploring new paths.


The living room furniture manufacturers in china Provide users with 7 full-house solutions such as whole-house air, whole-house water, whole-house washing, and whole-house security, and can customize "N" scenarios according to users' individual needs.

In each space, specific products of dining room furniture manufacturers in china are displayed, such as the sound-controlled washing machine on the smart balcony, the washing and drying linkage, and the washing and drying linkage. In the smart kitchen, you can check the healthy recipes recommended by the refrigerator, link the oven to bake, and place orders to buy ingredients online; in the smart bedroom, the smart air conditioner actively recognizes the air quality, links the humidifier, and the fresh air fan.

The second floor provides users with more solutions. Here, a well-reputed residential area in Shanghai is selected as the model house, corresponding to different home appliances, and home appliance integration scene design is carried out, so that users can experience the real house type.

2.Fresh air

In the experience area, the living room furniture manufacturers in china created a "6+N" scene ecological program for single youth, newlyweds, a family of three, a middle class of four, three generations living together, happy old age and other family scenes . In the temperature and humidity experience area, users feel safe and good air; in the windy experience area, they experience healthy and good air; in the pure oxygen experience area, they feel the healthy air.

In the service area, designers can provide services such as home decoration design and installation according to users' needs, as well as various solutions such as aromatherapy, sterilization, and aldehyde removal.

3.A modern store

In the city store, a QR code is printed on the product label. After scanning, you can buy it on the official applet mall and then take it away directly. The dining room furniture manufacturers in china has a central warehouse, and all stores also share after-sales service such as installation and delivery.

The store has three floors, each with its own theme. The light food set on the first floor provides traditional IKEA desserts, as well as innovative foods such as Jing'an exclusive meatball pasta hot dogs and salmon hot dogs. In other words, although the size of the shop is small, it is still equipped with catering.

living room furniture manufacturers in china

There are a variety of model rooms on the second floor, including living rooms, bedrooms, etc., with stylish home furnishings, smart homes, and old houses in Jing'an, such as the complete model rooms in the store, and the themed apartments in Shikumen, Shanghai.

There is also a whole house design center on the third floor, where customers can try the self-service touch screen service and Betta 3D modular design tool, and they can also book one-to-one services through the mini program. There is also a community laboratory on this floor that integrates activities and communities.

The entire layout is oriented towards shopping, leisure and social interaction.