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Contemporary sofa decor ideas that Meet the needs of consumers
Author:Tangshifu Furniture| release time:2020-11-17

Contemporary sofa decor ideas of manufacturers are influenced by many factors.Dealers choose custom furniture to join the brand, from which aspects should they be considered?

Innovative models

In recent years, innovative models such as whole-house customization and overall customization have become hot words in the building materials industry, attracting market and industry attention. Many dealers are interested in the industry development space and the strength of some strong door and window companies, and choose to join them.

It is worth noting that even if dealers intend to join the custom furniture industry, their attitude is quite cautious, and they will examine various aspects when choosing a brand. Under their strict screening, there are not many sofa companies that can satisfy them.

80% of dealers said that joining the custom furniture and sofa decor industry is naturally for profit. If there is no profit, why waste time and energy. Therefore, many dealers will pay special attention to whether the brand is profitable when choosing a franchise company, and focus on factors related to sales, including whether the product variety is rich, the audience, and the number of orders.

Among the sofa dealers interviewed, a number of sofa dealers mentioned the Ding Pei custom furniture they joined. “At that time, I chose to cooperate with Dingpei, because I took a fancy to the advantages of the whole house customization."

contemporary sofa decor ideas

Opportunities for dealers

According to the dealer Mr. Xia, Dingpei’s custom furniture covers 5 series of products including living room, study room, dining room, bedroom and balcony, including TV. Cabinets, shoe cabinets, entrances, partition cabinets, software, tatami mats, cloakrooms, beds and other products can meet consumers' one-stop shopping needs and provide more sales guarantee.

Judging from the development of hundreds of distributors of DingPei whole house custom furniture, the whole house custom sand can indeed bring development opportunities for dealers: whole house custom furniture gathers consumers in the same specialty store and has a wider audience; more The integration of individual products in one store greatly increases the number of customer orders; unified orders for the entire house can be customized to effectively shorten the delivery period and speed up capital operations. Consumers can also read the guide for buying furniturewhen choosing sofa decor.