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Introduction of mahogany furniture from upholstered dining chair manufacturers
Author:Tangshifu Furniture| release time:2020-12-14

Wooden furniture often brings style and warmth to our rooms. It took a while for upholstered dining chairs manufacturers to introduce us to mahogany furniture.

Real mahogany furniture has color difference, which can be said to be a consensus in the mahogany furniture market. This is due to the fact that mahogany furniture is almost impossible to completely have no color difference, so within an acceptable range, the color difference of mahogany is allowed.

The material of the dining chair

However, not all chromatic aberrations are reasonable, some are caused by rationality, and some are caused by unreasonable factors. At this time, you need to judge the chromatic aberration of mahogany, whether it is a natural selling point or an overcharge. Let's do some in-depth understanding of this issue.

The so-called chromatic aberration is simply the difference in color. For mahogany furniture, the reasonable reason for the difference in color mainly refers to the uncontrollable reasons for the color difference that cannot be changed through subsequent technical control, such as the nature of the wood itself, the wood cutting method, and environmental factors.

upholstered dining chair manufacturers

The leaves on a tree will not be the same, let alone two different trees. Even if the same tree is used, the color of the part near the center and root of the tree will be darker, and the color of the part near the top and bark will be lighter. What's more, the difference in age and texture of each tree will also cause color difference, which is a problem of the natural properties of wood.

Sapwood refers to the part that is close to the bark and has the function of transporting and storing nutrients. It is characterized by a lighter color, more moisture, and is prone to worms and decay. It is a part of the log with poor material. Dining chairs have relatively high requirements for wood and should undergo strict selection.

We all know that the colors of different parts of trees are different. As the main part of the tree to absorb nutrients, tree roots have more pigmentation, so the color is darker, while the tall tree tops have less pigmentation and lighter natural color.

Color of wood

Generally, the color of mahogany furniture near the window is obviously brighter than the color of the cabinet door in the dark place. The visual color difference of mahogany furniture, which is mainly affected by sunlight, belongs to the range of reasonable color difference.

Wood is a porous material, and the color difference is not a quality problem.

The processing method of the log is different, the surface texture obtained is different. Usually through cutting, three kinds of sections can be obtained, namely radial section, cross section and chord section.

The cross section refers to the section perpendicular to the main axis of the trunk, that is, the end face of the trunk. It can be used to observe the cross section of various axial molecules and the width of wood rays. It is the most important section for identifying wood.

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