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Wood counter stool manufacturers pay attention to the color of mahogany furniture
Author:Tangshifu Furniture| release time:2020-12-15

Recently, wood counter stool manufacturers have begun to pay attention to the color of mahogany furniture. Users pay more attention to the color of the furniture surface.

Although the chromatic aberration of mahogany furniture cannot be avoided, reasonable chromatic aberration can be controlled by subsequent processes, so unreasonable chromatic aberration is certainly a problem in the manufacturing process of solid wood furniture.

Redwood glue is mainly used for large-format, large cross-section or curved mahogany parts. The dimensional stability of the parts increases after glueing.

Wood furniture

Jigsaw is a process with considerable technical content and experience, and there are many factors that affect the quality of jigsaw. In terms of chromatic aberration, square materials with the same material, color and texture should be selected when joining together. If the square material with large color difference is put together, unless it is non-transparent painted furniture, it is difficult to eliminate the color difference through the paint process.

Because the mahogany furniture itself has color difference, if the installer does not observe and compare the color of the furniture during the installation process, put similar or similar colors together, or install cabinet doors with large furniture color difference in a hidden position, it will easily cause color difference of mahogany furniture Great feeling.

Therefore, only reasonable assembly and matching of mahogany furniture can make the final finished product not have too "explosive eye" color difference.

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Red furniture, especially dining room furniture with wood texture, is reasonable and necessary for the color difference, which is an indirect expression of the natural properties of wood. The color difference itself is a kind of beauty. But everything has a degree, the "pass" will lose its beauty and even be disgusting. The color difference of mahogany furniture is the same. Unreasonable color difference caused by process defects must be avoided, otherwise it is not a qualified product.

The color difference of mahogany furniture can be a "natural selling point", or it can be a "sufficient number". A good grasp of the process and refined production are the key.

Paint of Wood furniture

For non-transparent painted mahogany furniture, because it does not involve the problem of color difference, I will not repeat it here. For translucent and fully transparent furniture, reasonable finishing processes can truly eliminate unreasonable color differences.

For example, in the finishing process of dining room furniture, after finishing the surface treatment of the substrate, the first thing to do is surface bleaching and color repairing. Bleaching is to eliminate obvious chromatic aberrations, and the color modification of materials is to unify the colors and further reduce the chromatic aberrations. Secondly, the bottom color repair and color rubbing treatment are needed, and each step is to make the overall color of the dining room furniture tend to be consistent. If there is a problem in any link, or the implementation is not in place, it will affect the color difference of the finished product.