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To make exqusite arm chair look like old-style antique furniture
Author:Tangshifu Furniture| release time:2020-12-21

Under the guidance of the craftsmen, we spent a little time making the exqusite arm chair look like old-style antique furniture. At the same time, it is also a very pleasant experience.

The antique furniture distressing craft is the use of a series of craftsmanship to make new products look like ancient furniture. Through distressing crafts, the new products imitate the formation of wind erosion, insect damage, damage, and stains, giving them a long historical mark. The European-style antique furniture has smooth and elegant shapes and textures, delicate and noble carvings and colors, with the characteristics of the Renaissance period, and is deeply loved by home decorators. Today, furniture fans will take everyone to learn about the old craftsmanship of European antique furniture and see how the craftsmen imprint the new furniture with history.

The insects

There are nine main types of old-style arm chairs:
Wormhole imitation
The imitation of wormholes is to imitate the traces left by the products after being infested and eaten by insects after long-term storage. The wormholes are mostly distributed in the damaged parts, decayed parts and edges of the product, and they are scattered or densely grouped. Some of them are fine and dense. , Some are deep and large, and some are quite different. They are round, spindle-shaped or strip-shaped. Production tool: Screw 3 to 5 irregular wood screws on a regular wooden strip.

(1) Wormholes are single or densely clustered or both. Pay attention to the type, size, shape and distribution of wormholes;
(2) The part of the wormhole is at the large damage or edge;
(3) Wormholes must be distributed along the direction of the wood grain;
(4) Timber knots and heartwood are relatively hard and are not easy to be eaten by insects or insects. Therefore, wormhole imitation should avoid product knots, heartwood and splicing.

Tear of arm chair

The imitation of tear marks is mainly to imitate the tear marks left after the product is hit by other objects and damaged during long-term storage or use. The tear marks are usually irregular and vary in size and length. The damaged area is rough and decayed, giving people a feeling of natural impact or tear marks. Production tools: chisel, axe, file and other hard metal tools.This makes the dining room furniture look more beautiful.


(1) First consider starting where the product is stuck;

(2) Avoid places with tree knots, because the knots and surrounding wood are hard and not easy to be destroyed;

(3) Avoid the splicing of parts;


(1) The direction of tapping is divided into horizontal, vertical and oblique directions;

(2) When beating, it is divided into heavy knocking and light knocking according to the intensity;

(3) The number and distribution of knock marks are determined by the number of nuts, the number of washers and the number of knocks.

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