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Skilled craftsmen carve patterns in swivel chair in china in one day
Author:Tangshifu Furniture| release time:2020-12-17

They used simple tools to engrave complex patterns on the swivel chair in china, giving people a sense of quality.

With the integration of global cultures and the continuous improvement of people's living standards, European antique furniture is not only favored by European and American consumers, but also gradually understood and accepted by domestic multi-level consumer groups, and has a good development prospect. The above basically includes the old craftsmanship in the production of European antique furniture. While referring to the above craft operation principles, the antique old furniture on the surface of the furniture should be perfectly combined with the modeling style of the new product, so that it is old and not vulgar. There is new in it.

Pentagram and plum print pattern of swivel chair

Production tools: nails, file handles
The imitation of pentagonal needles is called hard object damage, plum blossom printing is also called "cross" printing. This is a kind of craftsmanship that uses special special tools to distress the surface of furniture, imitating products that are sharp and sharp during long-term use. Traces left on the surface of objects of a certain shape after being injured. Production tools: nailing pentagonal or plum blossom-shaped fine nails or special tools on a regular wooden strip.


The location, quantity, severity and depth of the imitation trace cloth should be appropriate.

Imitation of iron nail horsetail and earthworm marks
White iron nails and horsetail marks are also called scratches, which imitate the marks left after the surface of the product is scratched during use; earthworm marks are the imitation products that are infested, moth-eaten and crawled by insects during long-term use or storage. The trace left.
Follow the direction of the wood grain and avoid the curved wood grain;
The imitated shape should be natural and flexible. The damaged surface should not be too regular or made into a standard triangle, and the damage should not be too smooth, as much as possible to give people a feeling of natural damage;

The size, depth and quantity of the imitation tears should be appropriate, and the type plate should be used as a reference.

swivel chair in china

Pentagram and plum print pattern of swivel chair

The imitation of knock marks refers to the irregular marks left by the impact or impact of some hard objects during long-term use or storage. Production tools: nut string, single nut and file handle.


(1) The earthworm marks must follow the wood grain direction, and the iron nail horsetail marks can be in any direction;

(2) The old shape should be natural and flexible. Horsetail marks should be slightly half-moon-shaped. Use a thinner nail tip to round and make fine marks, or use a file handle to make thicker marks. The length and position should be appropriate, and try not to be distributed in the center; Earthworm marks are irregular in shape, and their length, size, and depth are naturally similar to the stretch marks after the earthworm crawls;

Follow the guide for buying furniture, buy a swivel chair from the store, and start making patterns.