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To design a dining room with dining room furniture
Author:Tangshifu Furniture| release time:2020-08-31

As an important core of people’s lives, "home" carries love and expectation. Modern people often have the mentality of being the "manager" of the house when decorating homes, carefully consider and design carefully, and are willing to devote a lot of energy and "golden" power to home decorating and home furnishing. Above, the data shows that the market size of China's home decoration industry is expected to reach 2.6 trillion in 2020.

Design awareness

The awakening of aesthetics and the improvement of design awareness have also made people pay more and more attention to the "sense of design". Eighty percent of consumers said they would design carefully when decorating their homes. This not only promotes the speed of original home decorating products with niche personality, fun and design. Development and growth also give original designers more room for development.

The creative design of dining room furniture brings a lot of inspiration to the designer.

The report

The report shows that in the past two years, the number of consumers of Taoties original home improvement and household products has increased by 40%, and the amount of consumption has achieved a leap of 70%.

As a practitioner in the creative industry, interior designers have more freedom in their choice of work mode. Whether it is "backed by a tree" or "self-supporting door", there is a wider choice space to export their own design style and ideas.

The rise of original home improvement and home furnishing brands has smoothly promoted the "C" position of interior designers. Young designers represented by the post-90s and post-95s have become an important component of the interior design industry.

The report shows that designers born in the 1990s have already accounted for 53% of the entire dining room furniture industry.

dining room furniture

The designer

However, because they have just left school, their mental experience and creative thinking still need to be polished and optimized. Compared with their predecessors with more experience, there is still a big gap in personal income. The report found that the monthly income of interior designers in the 90s was about 1.9 times that of those born in the 90s. However, this gap also provides room for young practitioners to stand alone in the future.

In addition to salary differences, the unbalanced ratio of men to women is also a general consensus in the industry. CBNData survey data shows that female designers only account for 41% of the interior designer industry, but the proportion is constantly increasing.

The Work

In terms of regional distribution, with the emergence of interior design needs in lower-tier cities, Beijing, Shanghai, and Guangzhou are no longer the mainstream place to pay for good design. The report shows that the current proportion of interior designers in third-tier cities and below in the industry is 27%, and it is expected that the proportion of designers in lower-tier cities will gradually increase in the future, which will greatly improve the originally uneven regional distribution.

Work is complicated and intense, staying up late and working overtime is the norm.

Different designs have different experiences. Consumers are best to follow the guide for buying furniture when purchasing dining room furniture.

Not only must be able to "wen" but also "wu", the work steps are many, the chain is long, staying up late and working overtime become the designer's "standard". Contrary to the perception that "design is drawing", interior design work is actually very cumbersome and complicated. "Text" needs to communicate needs, formulate plans, and business docking. He must also be able to purchase building materials and resident supervision. The report shows that 80% of designers work more than eight hours on average, more than 50% often work overtime and stay up late, and more than 40% eat irregularly.

Design value

The design value is underestimated and the ability is difficult to sell at a good price

Although consumers are paying more and more attention to the sense of design and individualization of bedroom furniture, most people still have a low level of awareness of the value of design, and are simply willing to pay for the design Not many people. Many interior designers do not receive the due attention and respect for their labor results. CBNData research data also found that the owners’ recognition of interior design fees is less than the “pass line”, and nearly 40% of designers believe that their designs Value and income are very mismatched.

Relying on craftsmanship but also relying on mouth, it is not easy to obtain customers part-time sales

In addition to being able to "wen" and "wu", in the home improvement industry that is difficult to obtain customers, slow in signing orders, and extremely competitive, some designers are also burdened with sales KPIs and have to be forced to "sell" part-time. The report shows that 30% of companies have to contact at least 6 potential customers for every successful customer. Among them, the income of more than 70% of interior designers is directly linked to the signing rate, and signing rewards are also the main source of income for nearly 40% of designers.

Home furnishing products

With the continuous increase in the online rate of home improvement and home furnishing products, consumers have gradually developed online buying habits, coupled with the help of multiple factors such as dining room furniture supplier entry and online platform providing transaction protection. We have more consideration of the traditional design work mode, and began to think about and try the possibility of touching the net.

The report shows that in the past three years, the number of Taobao home improvement consumers and the penetration rate of Internet home improvement consumers have shown a continuous growth trend. And as the design concept continues to penetrate downstream cities.