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The upholstered armchair manufacturer in china introduces the surface treatment of mahogany furniture
Author:Tangshifu Furniture| release time:2020-12-08

The upholstered armchair manufacturer in china has accumulated a lot of experience in this area.

The three mahogany furniture surface treatment processes are like putting on a beautiful coat on the furniture.

One is to reverse the different color differences of the wood, and the other is to protect the furniture. Therefore, lacquer, wax, and oil are also called "clothes" of mahogany furniture.

upholstered armchair manufacturer in china

The exterior treatment of mahogany furniture is known as "southern lacquer and north wax", that is, the weather in the south is humid. In order to ensure that the new furniture is not deformed and pests, it is popular to use "large lacquer" for exterior decoration; while the northern weather is dry, to prevent new furniture from opening Tenon deformation, pay attention to the appearance of waxing treatment.


Nowadays, with the development of craftsmanship, the lacquer, wax and oil used by artisans on mahogany furniture have also undergone great changes.

It is a milky white, pure natural liquid paint cut from the sumac tree, which has the characteristics of corrosion resistance, abrasion resistance, acid resistance, solvent resistance, heat resistance, water resistance, good insulation, and gloss.

The lacquer process can not only make the furniture anti-corrosion and moisture-proof, but also suitable for beautification processing. It has a long history of being used in furniture and has become the main decoration method of Chinese furniture. From the Shang and Zhou dynasties to the Northern and Southern Dynasties, lacquered wood furniture has always been the mainstream of Chinese furniture.

Painting process

The painting process of the upholstered armchair manufacturer borrows many different methods and has professional painting skills.

Folk lacquer decorations are relatively simple, while the palace is more ornate. After the Qing Dynasty, black lacquer furniture has a wide market, and this cultural tradition can still be seen in some places in the north.

Raw lacquer is applied on the surface of the furniture to form a paint film. The amount of light reflected on the surface of the paint film forms or shows the gloss of the paint film. The paint film that can reflect all or most of the light has high gloss, and only reflects part of the light has low gloss. .

The gloss of the paint film is generally measured with a 60° mirror reflector. According to the gloss of the paint film, it is usually divided into three categories: high gloss, semi gloss and flat gloss. Semi gloss is what is called matte in the modern furniture market.

The gloss of the surface

The gloss of the surface of the paint film is determined by the surface roughness of the paint film: the surface is flat and the gloss is high, and the surface is rough and gloss is low. Therefore, the paint film is closely related to the degree of sanding on the surface of the furniture. The more sanding times, the higher the mark of the sandpaper, the higher the gloss.

The hot wax for maintenance of mahogany furniture also has high requirements on the material. It is necessary to choose natural beeswax, which is the wax secreted by the wax glands of bees. Among the lipids contained in beeswax, the palmitate palmitate (approximately 80%, which is the main component of beeswax) has a fastening effect on wood fibers, and the aromatic colored substances insect wax and volatile oil have a conservation effect on wood.

Traditional craftsmen

Traditional craftsmen still have the waxing process after ironing the wax, that is, use a wax screwdriver to shovel the floating wax remaining on the surface of the furniture until it feels tacky to touch with the hand. Waxing must be carefully and carefully, especially where there is carving, do not leave residual wax, otherwise it will affect the finish of the furniture surface.

The skilled and skilled master can apply the hot wax to just the right amount in one pass, and no need to lift the wax, which not only saves wax but also saves time. The last is to wipe the wax, that is, use a cotton cloth to wipe the surface of the furniture repeatedly until all the wax on the surface is wiped off and the luster appears. It is good when the hand feels lubricated. This is a long process and cannot be sloppy.

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