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The metal furniture manufacturers in china show several styles of home decoration
Author:Tangshifu Furniture| release time:2020-12-08

The metal furniture manufacturers in china introduces related knowledge about home furnishings.Soft decoration is an important part of home decoration, and an important manifestation of home style and personal taste of the owner. There are many soft outfit elements, and it is not easy to match them reasonably.

Soft outfit overview
Soft decoration is about the creative integration of multiple complex elements such as the overall environment, space aesthetics, furnishing art, life functions, material styles, artistic conception experience, personal preferences, and even Feng Shui culture.
Every area and every product of the soft decoration is an organic part of the overall environment

The metal furniture manufacturers in china have a variety of furniture style production techniques. There are also different concepts in house design.

Chinese style

The traditional Chinese style takes complex carved designs and unique traditional Chinese patterns as the main creative features, coupled with unique styling design, material selection, etc., to form a common Chinese-style home decoration design in our lives.

Chinese-style soft fittings are actually relatively free. In addition to carefully designing hard fittings, they need to be integrated with home soft fittings. In addition to choosing Chinese-style furniture, the themed decorations in the space are Chinese screens, Chinese paintings, blue and white ornaments, palace lanterns or purple clay pottery, etc. Although they are not large in volume and quantity, they can be used.

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Modern style

The modern style has become a popular home decoration style with its simplicity, liveliness and urban vitality. It is composed of curved and asymmetrical lines, such as pedicels, flower buds, vines, insect wings, and various beautiful and wavy patterns in nature, which are reflected in the decoration of walls, railings, window lattices and furniture. Some lines are soft and elegant, and some are strong and full of rhythm.

The entire three-dimensional form is integrated with orderly, rhythmic curves. A large number of iron components are used, and new techniques such as glass and ceramic tiles, as well as iron and ceramic products, are used indoors. Pay attention to indoor and outdoor communication, and strive to introduce new ideas to interior decoration art.
When creating a modern style, try to choose some modern furniture in the soft fittings, such as earthy fabric sofas with back-patterned pillows, raised carpets, long coffee tables, concept clocks, floor lamps or simple decorations Paintings can create a comfortable and elegant modern style.

Modern style

American home furnishings are based on a successful evolution of mature European style, focusing on practical functions, classic feelings, simple and generous appearance, and a fusion of multiple styles.

Nordic style

Northern Europe is a relatively cold region with relatively short sunshine hours. Therefore, the colors are relatively rich and the saturation is relatively high during decoration. Those bright pure colors are often used and the area is large. The main representative countries are Norway, Denmark, Sweden, Finland and Iceland.

Different styles require different furniture. Bring guide for buying furniture to buy.