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The Solid wood chairs from china have undergone exquisite processing by workers
Author:Tangshifu Furniture| release time:2020-12-09

The furniture goes through a long process before it can be sold. The solid wood chairs are also processed multiple times by workers.

The contemporary waxing process has higher requirements for polishing, and the pure waxing process generally requires fine grinding to 2000 mesh. When starting to burn wax, first put the beeswax into a metal container and heat it to melt into a liquid, then use a wax cloth or cotton cloth to evenly brush the beeswax on the surface of the furniture from the inside out, and then burn the wax.

Wood heating

Use an electric heat gun for heating. The temperature of the electric heat gun used for wax scalding is higher in order to melt the beeswax brushed on the furniture surface. If the water content of the furniture is too high, heating should be done step by step and repeated several times, so that the wax will gradually penetrate into the inner layer of the wood little by little until the beeswax is uniformly foamed and no longer continues to penetrate the inner layer of the wood.

As a new technology, wiping oil also has many fans. Oil refers to natural walnut oil. The mahogany furniture is polished and polished and then oiled, and then polished at a high speed with a polishing wheel, so that the oil is eaten into the dining room furniture, and the wood chairs produce a natural light and color.

After being oiled, solid wood chairs have the advantages of deep moisturizing, anti-cracking, anti-moth, anti-deformation, control of cracks, and natural luster. After the product is oiled at the factory, it is generally rubbed once a year and used in the driest season.

Cracks in solid wood

After solid wood is processed into furniture, cracks, bends, and cracks between boards will occur more or less during use. After being oiled, it has the advantages of deep moisturizing and maintenance of furniture, anti-cracking, anti-moth, anti-deformation, control of cracks, and natural luster. Furniture is used for a long time, and when the natural paddle comes out, it will achieve a pure natural luster.

It is the last protective film of the same wood. Whether it is painted, waxed or polished, not only must the polished wood be polished again along the texture before painting, but also "lacquer must be lacquer, wax must be beeswax, The uniqueness of "you must walnut".

The guide for buying furniture will make it easier for you to choose solid wood chairs.