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The office furniture manufacturers in china need to know more
Author:Tangshifu Furniture| release time:2020-09-25

The domestic furniture monopoly space has experienced rapid development for more than ten years, and has gradually become rational and artistic. However, due to the factors of artistic quality and execution of manufacturers and design companies, there is still considerable room for improvement, and it is bound to converge with developed countries such as Europe and America.

Foreign home furnishing stores

Based on years of inspection experience in foreign home furnishing stores and major home furnishing exhibitions, especially the Milan Furniture Fair and American High Point Exhibition, the author made some bold predictions on the trend of domestic furniture space.

In essence, the furniture store should be a concentrated expression of an advanced home lifestyle, not just a display of several pieces of furniture. Each style of furniture corresponds to the proposition of a certain home style: Italian art and simplicity, Scandinavian freshness and nature, American freedom or roughness, classical European and American luxury, British gentleman and profoundness, Chinese elegance and Zen territory. The office furniture manufacturers in china has set his sights on the world.

office furniture manufacturers in china

Regardless of the style, from the perspective of space design, the hardware, the furniture itself or the soft fittings should not be considered in isolation. The unity and coordination of these three is beyond doubt. The disconnection between the development of furniture and the space packaging will greatly affect the creation of the atmosphere of the final space store, which in turn affects sales.

Independent brand

We will find that: behind a series of successful furniture brands, there is often a strong brand director or team to uniformly direct all links. Yueli, Lafite Fort, Ronglin Family, Dixin, Rui Chi, etc., can confirm the full interpretation of a certain style. No matter what style of furniture material, color, style, all correspond to the corresponding The rigid form, material, lighting atmosphere and soft fitting of the decoration; therefore, the systematic and scientific nature of this integrated planning in the initial stage of research and development will become inevitable.

After investigating some independent brand furniture stores in Italy, we found that: the simplicity of the hard decoration, the movable partition, and the large-open space scale to meet the flexible adjustment; at the same time, the universality of the color and material matching of the hard decoration is also a common feature. Western European brands such as Natuzzi, Poliform, Moteni&C, and Minotti have entered the country, which can confirm this view. Because the frequent decoration of the furniture store will bring a lot of trouble and economic waste to the office furniture manufacturers in china, hard-packing is out of fashion.

American furniture stores are the same, only adding the style elements of door cover and window cover. In recent years, we have visited the United States every year to inspect local high, medium and low grade furniture stores. It is found that the obvious difference from our domestic stores is: the store space is obviously much larger than that in China, and it is not a domestic two-bedroom and two-living suite layout, and there are few wall shapes and materials, most of which are enriched by the product height and soft decoration. Vision is also for product adjustment considerations.