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The bedroom furniture manufacturers in china to sell wardrobes
Author:Tangshifu Furniture| release time:2020-09-25

The protagonists of the annual meeting generally have two groups. One is the executive platform, which sets new goals and showcases the 2019 product, marketing, and service plans. The other is distributors, who will be there with better performance, and those who want to learn will also be there.

Generally speaking, companies that are on the rise will not let go of such a good opportunity at the annual meeting to show their strength, stimulate the morale of dealers, give partners the confidence to sign, and at the same time release to consumers "I am very Strong, worthy of choice" signal. Some classmates may think that most of the annual meetings are about shouting slogans, eating, singing, and deepening friendship, but this is not exactly the case.

Full of confidence

The author selected bedroom furniture manufacturers in china, scattered in sanitary ware, ceramics, furniture, flooring, coatings and other industries, and refined the core information of their annual meeting. One feeling is that I am full of confidence and have released a very positive signal. I believe that 2019 will be another wonderful confrontation.

In recent years, Langjing’s annual meetings have often been held with great momentum, and this year is also the case. Some professionals and many media have been invited to the scene, such as Zhang Mowen, founder of Zhang Mowen Planning Group. There were several highlights at the scene, such as Chairman Huo Chengji's "community of destiny" strategy; new products such as the space capsule X10 intelligent temperature-controlled toilet.

In 2019, Langjing is expected to smash advertisements and signed an agreement with Yongda Media, which is for high-speed rail advertising. It is said that 86 large-screen advertisements will be put on high-speed rail stations in 29 cities across the country.

Brand management

The "super single product" strategy reappeared at the Langjing annual meeting. Lin Xuezhou, director of the brand management center, said that the essence of super single products is actually the "four supers", that is, super single products are super brands, super communication, super terminals, Super training and super activities, to realize the super single product is the wish of super brand.
Some other key information such as: focus on store design, new domestic product plan, channel research grading and product classification, performance doubling (5A standard), large order system, unified implementation of 5 packages of services, category cooperation and multi-product integration, etc.; use the Internet for distribution Business with a single; selected a group of product consultants, on-site certificate issued.

bedroom furniture manufacturers in china

Boloni held a 2019 brand conference with the theme of "Scene Revolution". Cai Ming believes that real whole-house customization has just arrived. In the division of labor and collaboration among ethnic groups, the concept of "I" has gradually formed. Without the "I" scene, it cannot be called customization, let alone whole-house customization.

Among the products

Among the products that Boloni released based on the scene, include "how to let children go to a famous school in the kitchen", open a big party, let the children develop a well-organized habit, have a bag show with a girlfriend, a collection of old friends, a man's wardrobe, and a bedroom Double working positions, etc., enter from the good-looking basic scenes, to the personalized scenes to impress, satisfy the "me", and use a new generation of scenes to satisfy middle-class consumers.Consumers are best to follow the guide for buying furniture when choosing bedroom furniture.

The annual meeting of the Dekor distributors was held in a different place, and it was placed in the Danyang Dekor Home Experience Hall. Now the icon is not the floor of the icon, but the home of the icon. There are five categories of floor, wooden door, wardrobe, cabinet and furniture. Several plans disclosed by the management are that the main line is a whole-house product line integrating woodwork, covering users' home customization needs throughout the life cycle.

The specific approach will be made in five aspects: terminal building, brand building, brand promotion, brand marketing and bulk channels; the design aesthetics of "woodwork integration" drives product research and development; the "building · service · war · training" empowerment system Dealers provide combat readiness support.

Focus on high-end customization

Dinggu said that it will focus on high-end customization, and believes that 2019 is the year of the outbreak of light luxury products, and Dinggu light luxury products are the flagship products of the terminal.

In addition to wardrobes and hardware products, Dinggu will make customized cabinets, doors, walls and other new products. At the manufacturing end, it is expected to invest in the construction of a digital information smart factory to solve capacity bottlenecks and quality.

The bedroom furniture manufacturers in china who started as wardrobes will pay more attention to wardrobes.

Information released

It is said that nearly 2,000 people attended Sofia’s annual meeting, highlighting the 3.0 version of corporate culture. President Ke Jian made a detailed interpretation. When the company reaches a certain scale, culture will always be at the core. In terms of business propositions, "easy to install a good home" is put at the core, one is fast, the other is beautiful.

In terms of specific plans, Kangchun Board will increase its promotion efforts; open stores in multiple formats; focus on scene marketing; improve efficiency with digital operations; upgrade the 3D software independently developed to realize a set of software and customize it throughout the house. The strategy of large home furnishings will also be adhered to. Wooden doors will introduce E0-grade panels and Kangchun panels; we will provide a one-stop purchase for the whole house.

Although the information released by the annual meeting is incomplete, it is impossible to fully see the business logic of a company in the new year, but we will carefully sort out some common points: the status of products and services has not been loosened. Empowering dealers is still the focus. Complete installation, one-stop shopping, and large home furnishing have become keywords that frequently appear. Engineering channels and home improvement channels are separately emphasized. Scenes, experiences, 3D software, data, etc. are valued by some companies.

This is the first phase of the annual meeting, and I will continue to publish it later. Judging from the annual meeting, we may see some gains from the business focus of 2019.