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The most popular products of IKEA is not furniture?
Author:Tangshifu Furniture| release time:2020-08-04

IKEA's best-selling product is the Swedish meatballs in the food area, with an annual sales volume of 150 million, which is much higher than the best-selling household products with an annual sales volume of 7 million. With the rapid development of business integration today, what enlightenment does this bring to us? The original title of this article is IKEA's Best-Selling Product Is Not a Piece of Furniture. The author Geraint Clarke briefly analyzed the enlightenment that this IKEA marketing strategy brings to others, and hopes it will be useful to you.

The famous actor Dave Chappelle (Dave Chappelle) in his talk show "Equanimity" (Equanimity), before telling a joke, always broke the laugh with the audience in advance. But what is more interesting is that even if he broke the news in advance and laughed, he can still guarantee that the audience will laugh after listening to the joke.So, I couldn't help thinking about it. Regardless of whether the news will be revealed in advance, some stories will always be classic stories. Even though you may know the end of the story, you still want to hear the story.

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So if I tell you that the most successful product sold by IKEA is not furniture, but meatballs, would you continue to read this article? At the end of April this year, due to the impact of the new coronavirus epidemic, many governments also issued lockdown bans. In this context, IKEA has also disclosed some food preparation methods through its official Twitter account, and has received many likes and comments from netizens.However, this is not a general recipe, but a recipe for IKEA’s best-selling Swedish meatballs. Following this recipe, everyone can make this best-selling product at home. Many of my friends have tried to make this Swedish meatball at home and shared the results on social media. Many friends also expressed surprise that IKEA was able to disclose the production method of this product.

living room furniture manufacturers in china may learn more form the story , and to change their business model.
So, I carefully studied this best-selling product, and at the same time I was shocked by the relevant findings. I shared with my friends who worked for a bedroom furniture manufacturers as well.

Fantastic sales data:

According to financial insurance platform Lovemoney, the number of Swedish meatballs sold by IKEA each year reached an astonishing 150 million, far exceeding IKEA's best-selling Billy series bookcases.

According to a report in The Times last year, the Billy bookcase is the most successful product in the field of modern furniture. Since the first launch of this set in 1979, its sales have exceeded 110 million sets. It is estimated that every five minutes, a set of Billy bookcases will be sold somewhere in the world.However, the total sales of Swedish meatballs have exceeded 1 billion. In terms of annual data, the annual sales volume of Swedish meatballs is about 150 million. In contrast, the annual sales volume of the Billy series bookcases is only about 7 million sets. The annual sales rate of Swedish meatballs is almost the same as that of the Billy series bookcases. 22 times.

Whether from a business or marketing perspective, these data are too curious. A brand that focuses on the household products market, its best-selling products have nothing to do with furniture. these data are also very important for living room furniture manufacturers and dining room furniture manufacturers to know the markets better.