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Furniture for children is sharing happiness
Author:Tangshifu Furniture| release time:2020-08-04

Whether life is happy has always been a hot topic of concern and discussion. The concept of happiness is people's cognition and understanding of happiness. Of course, different people have different criteria for defining it. Like adults, children also have their own interpretation of happiness. However, in life, parents often judge children's feelings based on their own understanding of happiness. Authoritative organizations have shown in their surveys of children that although children are young, they also have varying degrees of cognition and understanding of happiness. For children, the feeling of happiness is often brought about by the surrounding environment and the fullness of the spirit.

The children's room is a place to get along with children day and night, and children live, study, and entertain in this fixed place every day. As a children's furniture designer and their bedroom furniture manufacturers, dining room furniture manufacturers should take the child's concept of happiness as the starting point, consider the child's understanding of happiness, and create a children's room full of happiness for children through in-depth thinking and practice.

1.Functional area planning

The space of children's rooms is relatively cramped, which is also the current situation of children's rooms in the city. For the convenience of life, families with children generally buy houses in the city center, which is convenient for the children to go to school and seek medical treatment. But despite its small size, the functionality of this children's room is not affected by the size.

Sleeping area, study area, entertainment area, storage area, parent-child interaction area are all available. The children's room is equipped with bunk beds, which can reserve space for parent-child interaction or the growth needs of the family.

2.Color expression

The little hero theme wallpaper creates an unparalleled childhood memory for children, which can stimulate children's imagination and let children play happily in a fun-filled room. In addition to the theme pattern, the fabric of this wallpaper is also very unique. The silk is tempered by the ancient method, and the natural fiber texture of the silk is clearly visible on the surface. The non-woven paper base achieves the purpose of moisture-proof, breathable, flexible and light, and it is more resistant to tensile and abrasion. Even if the child is lively, close contact with the wall every day will not reduce the durability of the wallpaper.These conception is already in the living room furniture manufacturers in china.

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3.Furniture configuration

I chose bunk beds in the room and arranged sleeping areas on the upper and lower bunks. The upper bunk can be used as a sleeping area for children, and the lower bunk can be used as a parent-child reading and social area for children. If the family needs the elderly to bring children, it can also solve the sleep problems of the grandparents. This not only saves floor space, but also allows children to exercise while climbing the ladder and feel the fun of furniture. The study area is composed of EVO study table, double back study chair and movable custom locker.

Both the study table and the study chair have adjustment functions to match the height of the child's growing. Movable custom lockers are available in a variety of sizes and specifications, and the wall-mounted design can make full use of wall space. Flexible lockers can be combined and matched according to the actual needs of children. The classic solid wood series wardrobe is placed in the corner. Double doors and double drawers provide a huge storage space, and an extension cabinet is added above the wardrobe to extend the storage space to the top and make full use of the room area.The dining room furniture manufacturers in china are thinking about it.

4.Textile matching

Themed textiles in the same series as the wallpaper add a childish touch to this space. These textiles not only light up the space but also have strong practicality. The round cushion at the head of the bed is an ideal back support, and the surface cover of the product is removable and washable. The bedside hanging bag allows children to put their favorite toys and school supplies into the bag, and they can also be easily obtained on the bed.

The hanging bag is also washable. These textiles are not only pleasing to the eyes but also certified by OEKO-TEX Standard100. They use eco-friendly and cute prints without added fluorescent agents to allow children to grow up in a healthy environment.