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The model office furniture manufacturers in china
Author:Tangshifu Furniture| release time:2020-09-22

According to the concept of "new retail", e-commerce platforms will disappear in the future, and online, offline, and logistics will be combined, which means that notions such as furniture O2O will become obsolete. O2O is more an artificial expression of the combination of the Internet and traditional channels, which is a false proposition in itself.


Of course, you can say that O2O is the mainstream, which is correct, because no matter which "O" is the appearance, the logistics between the two "O" will become an important part of winning the new marketing. From this perspective, a tycoon with sufficient logistics capabilities, platform capabilities, big data capabilities and financial resources will surely have a strong impact on the furniture industry, and the furniture industry will usher in the era of office furniture manufacturers in china.

It is also precisely because the competition between e-commerce in the second half of the game is most likely to be launched in the field of apparel and home decoration. Therefore, e-commerce giant JD.com keeps appearing at Milan Design Week, trying to trap designers to create "JD Designer" products. Gain momentum for the future scenario marketing of home furnishings.

Everyone has seen very clearly that in the era of "Internet +", consumption upgrades are forcing supply-side reforms. Among the "food, clothing, housing, transportation" core of people's livelihood, the Internet of "clothing, food, and transportation" has been relatively mature. The process of transformation is still in its initial development.

For JD.com, starting with industry pain points and problems is the key to the home improvement industry. JD’s home improvement industry focuses on quality and service to meet individual needs, provide a scene experience, and one-stop to satisfy users based on Home improvement shopping and service needs in different scenarios. Because JD Home Furnishing wants to create not only a platform for selling goods, but also a guide for lifestyle and life aesthetics.

In the future

Insiders said that in the future, office furniture manufacturers in china may switch to the C2B model, and produce products and deliver value to consumers in reverse according to customer needs. The realization of this model is not something that individual companies can accomplish on their own, but requires industrial restructuring.

This industrial reorganization may be an application of German Industry 4.0. In the information age, in order to respond to the individual needs of consumers, mass customization and flexible production methods and "Internet +" are implanted, based on big data and the Internet of Things. Of course, innovative design cannot be fully solved by Industry 4.0. China is a multi-ethnic and diversified society, and its development gradient is very large, and its size is equivalent to that of the entire Europe. Pure manufacturing thinking is not enough, unrealistic, and dangerous.

office furniture manufacturers in china

Yes, with the rapid development of contemporary China, everything is far from finalized. Therefore, any single, narrow and static thinking is undesirable.

We should take in all the beneficial nutrients of other civilizations, and on this basis, give full play to all our advantages and become a self-contained entity. In other words, China's national endowment is our own special soil, and the future shape of China's furniture products and its industrial system cannot be separated from this endowment. This includes our unique resources, historical culture, superstructure, social foundation, regional differences, national literacy, value orientation, development gradient, etc. Whether it is made in Germany or made in Italy, China's new marketing will paint a new manufacturing path for the furniture industry.