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The metal furniture manufacturers in chna rely on new media and product spaces
Author:Tangshifu Furniture| release time:2020-12-04

It can be said that the changes of traditional media are rapid and changeable. The metal furniture manufacturers in chna rely on new media and product spaces.

In recent years, under the east wind of the national macro policy, the concept of Internet + has also been hyped up in a mess. Although this concept has gradually landed in many traditional industries, it has also brought tremendous changes to people's lives. But for some industries, this does not seem to be the case. For example, this is the case with Internet home improvement, which has been touted by capital in the past.

Decoration industry

Facts have proved that the over-traditional and cumbersome architectural decoration industry, coupled with the full-scale technology of the Internet, has not caused too much movement as people had imagined. On the contrary, it is the humble retail industry, because new models such as fresh food e-commerce and community group buying brought by Internet + are still in full swing.

So, what obstacles has the long-standing home improvement industry encountered in the historical process of industrial Internetization? What kind of future does this seemingly demanding industry have?

\According to the observation of metal furniture manufacturers, in addition to the Internet, emerging AI technology, cloud supervision, and information-based supply chain management have gradually penetrated into all aspects of home improvement, and there is a major trend of changing the service model of home improvement.

metal furniture manufacturers in chna

Pure Internet technology

However, compared to the pure Internet technology, it is technically superior, but the benefits are not yet obvious. However, from the perspective of the development trend of smart technology, it may bring customer experience upgrades and engineering efficiency revolutions to the home improvement industry, which may be the future of the home improvement industry

Metal furniture still maintains a good momentum. The dining room furniture is always the best performer among all products.

It is not difficult to see that although the market of the home improvement industry is at the level of 100 billion, there is a lack of home improvement companies and home improvement platforms that can well solve the pain points of the home improvement industry. Even after grafting the Internet, the originally idealized ideal of subverting the home improvement industry through the Internet + home improvement model was also disillusioned because of constant client complaints and the fade out of the capital market.