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Participate in the production and shaping of wood barstools chairs with back
Author:Tangshifu Furniture| release time:2020-12-07

It can be said that the production of wood barstools chairs with back is an exquisite, time-consuming process. Sometimes it is not always possible to make a good barstool after exhausting efforts.

Wood bending is the process of bending the wood into the required curve shape under the action of bending moment after the wood is softened, and then drying and setting it. Wood cannot be heated and softened by fire, but it can be softened by steam.

Applicable wood

Use suitable wood to make barstool.The bending properties of wood of different tree species vary greatly, even the bending properties of different parts of the same tree species on the same tree are different.

Broadleaf wood>Coniferous wood>Soft broadleaf wood;Young wood, sapwood> old wood and core wood;

Twill grain wood.It has been verified by production practice that the broad-leaved wood species with better bending properties include elm, oak, ash, beech, and birch, and pine and spruce are better coniferous materials.

The moisture content of the wool has a greater impact on the bending quality and processing cost;

If the moisture content is too low, the wool is easy to break;

If the moisture content is too high, the static pressure will be formed due to excessive moisture when the wool is bent, and it is easy to cause waste, and it will also extend the setting and drying time of the bent parts;

The square lumber with a moisture content of 10% to 15% can be bent directly without softening treatment. The moisture content of the bent wool after softening treatment is preferably in the range of 25% to 30%.

wood barstools chairs with back

Bending performance

By repeatedly pressing the steam-heated wood on the mold, the contour is finally close to the mold surface to form a thermal curvature, which is suitable for forming open curved bodies, such as seat backs, etc.

Due to the shortage of wood resources, the hard wood drying technology, tenon and tenon connection, etc. are technically difficult. In addition, sofas with real solid wood structure are quite expensive. Such structural sofas are quite rare, have high value, are environmentally friendly, and have a long service life. Features.

Board-wood structure

Wooden square beams and vertical supports are combined with a structural skeleton made of multi-layer composite boards by nailing. This kind of structural material has low cost, simple manufacturing process, convenient molding and high manufacturing efficiency, and is a process structure widely used at present.

However, the high formaldehyde content of the multi-layer composite sheet is easy to cause pollution and emit peculiar smell.

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