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The change of living room furniture market
Author:Tangshifu Furniture| release time:2020-08-20

The market is always changing. Although companies must adapt to this dynamic change in order to survive, blindly chasing the wind can only backfire. Adapting to change must not lose one's self, and must not mess up the position, otherwise, if there is no precipitation, it will inevitably fall into a vicious cycle of periodic return to zero and will always do well, let alone do it.

In the past, it was possible because the competitors were very weak and the overall industry level was still low. Now the environment is completely different and there is no chance in the future.

The difference

The evolution and change of the home furnishing industry cannot be thought of in the middle without relying on both ends, but must be oriented towards the end demand target, which is not difficult to understand.

However, on the one hand, terminal needs vary from person to person, and on the other hand, they also change over time, and they change continuously rather than once and for all. Therefore, The dining room furniture manufacturersare often exhausted and thankless. You will always feel that you cannot keep up with the changes of the times. This is a common prominent problem in the industry. If the company does not break through, then there will be no future.

This may seem difficult, but it is not unsolvable. The difficulty lies not in superficial logic, but in deep consciousness, in ingrained inertial thinking, in dealing with methods and techniques, invisibility and invisibility, in invisibility, in the way of thinking, and in philosophy. Literacy.

The root cause of this problem is that it has not grasped the dialectical relationship between "change and unchanging" and has not established the most essential underlying logic, so it will be confused by appearances.


The underlying logic is neither pure forward thinking, that is, manufacturing thinking; nor is it so-called reverse thinking, that is market thinking. It is a two-way thinking that faces each other from the source of design and production and the ultimate presentation. Going towards each other is the bisexual thinking of "bottom-up" and "up-bottom", that is, from the start and the end to the other side's goal respectively, and at a certain point will form a cross, from cross to blend, complete blending Then they return to their original positions.

This process may be repeated many times, but the process will produce a "biochemical reaction" and eventually will completely open up the meridians. When this system is re-emerged, The dining room furniture manufacturers will still see that they still seem to be in their original positions in form, but the relationship has undergone qualitative changes and organic unity has been achieved .

The living room furniture manufacturers in china complained that business is difficult now, and complained that the profits of the furniture industry are too low, and they are even about to enter a no-profit zone.

So, let us look at some cases. In other industries, the price of a Changchai 173F diesel engine is 900 yuan, a 70-inch ordinary TV is 697 yuan, and an Omar 170-liter double-door refrigerator is 849 yuan. How much does it cost to see a bedside table? Why?

dining room furniture manufacturers in china

According to the principle of quantity, cost and profit analysis, cost is a function of output, and there is no concept of no profit above marginal cost. So, why is the cost of furniture so high? That is, the degree of industrialization is too low, the efficiency is too low, and the scale is insufficient!

Production conditions

The low degree of industrialization is firstly due to the problem of product structure, and secondly to the problem of production line equipment. Many people have put the cart before the horse. The problem with the product structure lies in the finished product thinking of the "wet splicing" production method. Only the parts thinking of the "dry splicing" production method can create technically large-scale production conditions, thereby greatly improving production efficiency and reducing costs. And shorten the delivery time.

As we all know, production management has three elements, namely: quality, cost and delivery time.

The production method that is most conducive to these three indicators is high-volume and fewer varieties. This is because mass production of the same component can ensure the consistency and balance of product quality; at the same time, because of the minimization of auxiliary time such as adjustments, the effective production time can be maximized. Furthermore, for the same reason, the production cycle is also Can be minimized.

Production system

The living room furniture manufacturers in china need diversification, which contradicts the requirements of the production system. Therefore, many companies choose to continuously develop new products, seeking to "be bright on the east and bright on the west" by increasing product categories. This approach can only be an expedient measure, not a fundamental solution. Because the consequences can only be sacrificed efficiency, increased costs, increased inventory, and uncontrollable quality, all of which will lead to a decline in competitiveness.

Therefore, the best way is to respond to changes in the same way, and only the platformization of parts can effectively achieve this goal, and only the platformization of parts can be achieved for different user needs without hurting the muscles and bones. With flexible response and diversified output, only the platformization of parts can continue to create more excitement.

The fact

What needs to be pointed out is that some people worry that the products presented in this way will be tedious and old-fashioned, because they cannot deeply understand the mechanism of combination, change and output.

In fact, the parts platform not only has a standard library, but also non-standard parts with flexibility, but the types of non-standard parts should be minimized. This will not only create conditions for the high quality and high efficiency of the production system, but also create differences. At the same time, through the change of CMF, an almost unlimited lifestyle can be created.

In addition, in order to avoid copying and imitation of competitors, the establishment of thresholds can be achieved through special materials, special shapes and parts of manufacturing process, self-made and special purchase of special equipment and unique technical know-how of the enterprise (Know-how) can make your product unique.

It is not that every piece of furniture and every part must be unique, but only a few components and their combinations are unique. Full-blown innovation is not only difficult to achieve good results, but also severely weakens the competitiveness in terms of efficiency, cost, quality and delivery time while asking for trouble.