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Supply chain will be the main focus of creating a competitive advantage
Author:Tangshifu Furniture| release time:2020-08-20

The essence of home furnishing industry competition is the competition of the supply chain, and supply chain operation capabilities will be the indispensable core competitiveness and strategic commanding heights of home furnishing enterprises. In other words, in the home furnishing industry, the acquisition of supply chain capabilities and advantages requires 5-10 years of continuous reform and improvement to form real structural advantages. Once the supply chain advantages are formed, it will take a long time Will gain a huge lead.

Shopping malls

Since 2010, consumer demand for household products represented by furniture, cabinets, sanitary ware, etc. has expanded year by year, and the scale of the industry has grown steadily. Leading companies have been listed one after another. Material suppliers, manufacturers, distributors, chain home shopping malls, Various types of enterprises such as e-commerce platforms, logistics service providers, and terminal service providers are facing unprecedented development opportunities and challenges.

As the entire industry increasingly tends to provide customers with integrated home life solutions, whole-house home furnishing, custom home furnishing, large-scale store models, full-category operations, and diversified channels have become the common development trend of all major companies. The living room furniture manufacturers in china The supply chain is facing very big challenges, but at present, the overall development is extensive. Even leading companies in the industry rarely have supply chain management thinking and lack supply that meets the requirements of corporate development The ability of the chain system has led to high overall supply chain costs, high value chain inventory, long lead times, frequent problems, many quality complaints, and extensive management. Mainly reflected in the following 7 aspects:


The lack of supply chain thinking and the lack of strategic awareness of the importance of supply chain development to the competitiveness of enterprises. Most companies do not have a reasonable supply chain management organization, lacking overall coordination and management thinking. Due to the complex products of the home furnishing industry, diverse channels, individualized demand, and long supply chains, the overall supply chain complexity of the home furnishing industry is very high.

Home furnishing companies have long faced the problems of long delivery cycles, low delivery satisfaction, and high omnichannel inventory. The long response period and slow response speed of the supply chain of home furnishing enterprises, coupled with the lack of reasonable planned and coordinated management, have led to incoordination and non-interaction between products, demand, supply, and delivery, and high inventory on each node and serious sluggishness.

Supply chain

The excessively heavy channel inventory load often results in new products developed with huge investment that cannot be launched in a timely and effective manner. "Broken styles do not explode". The cycle goes back and forth over the years, resulting in huge opportunity costs and severely deterring development of living room furniture manufacturers in china The traditional and long-term order fair-oriented wholesale model makes the entire supply chain cumbersome and difficult to return, and it is completely unable to adapt to the consumer-centric demands of the new era.

Due to the lack of absolute leaders in the industry, and the lack of best practices and benchmarks for the supply chain, the integration of the industry and the development of the supply chain will proceed simultaneously. The supply chain development orientation, model, and path of the home furnishing industry need to be further explored, practiced and refined.

There is no absolute leader in the industry, and the development of its supply chain will be slightly moderate; on the other hand, based on the whole category of the home furnishing industry, distributed layout, global operation, customized demand, scene-based shopping, full-process end-to-end management, wholesale direction The characteristics of retail transformation put forward higher requirements on key supply chain performance such as consumer service level, inventory turnover rate, and comprehensive supply chain operating costs in the home furnishing industry.

The development of the supply chain will be the main focus of creating a competitive advantage for the manufacturer in the period of major integration. Therefore, the development of the supply chain of the home furnishing industry is bound to flourish.