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The business model innovation of dining room furniture manufacturers
Author:Tangshifu Furniture| release time:2020-11-20

The business model innovation of dining room furniture manufacturers is the driving force for enterprise development.

The optimization and innovation of the business model of customized home furnishing enterprises are mainly carried out from five aspects: brand innovation, product innovation, terminal innovation, channel innovation, and operation innovation. The core is the innovation of customer value creation methods.

Model innovation

Business model innovation corresponds to the five powers of the business model: brand core power, product exchange power, attractiveness, channel vitality, and operation gathering power. The five powers promote the growth of customized home furnishing companies to achieve all-round and gradual qualitative changes.

In the development of the kitchen cabinet industry in the past ten years, different companies have tried different business models, such as Oupai’s franchise chain, gold medal direct chain chain, Zhibang’s urbanization operation, Boloni’s large furniture, and Daxin’s low Price standardization, whole-house digital customization of Shangpin Home Delivery, Ubang’s network marketing, Hanli’s multi-brand, Haier’s engineering key account marketing, etc., have mostly achieved staged or regional success.

Entering the era of large home furnishings and mobile internet, the focus of business model innovation for customized home furnishing enterprises is to create customer value and find a breakthrough point.

dining room furniture manufacturers


Oupai’s large home strategy creates a perfect one-stop shopping experience for the wealthy first. Daxin’s cost-effective strategy caters to the needy people’s love of good quality and low prices. Shangpin Home Delivery’s whole-house digital customization strategy realizes the white-collar class’s overall purchase of new houses. The dreams of versatile styles and functions, they all provide differentiated value to target customers well.

The business models of these three companies are highly differentiated and highly efficient, which undoubtedly have a good demonstration and leading effect on the current kitchen cabinet industry.

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