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Specialty stores of recliner sofa manufacturers in china
Author:Tangshifu Furniture| release time:2020-10-19

he business space of recliner sofa manufacturers in china

The recliner sofa manufacturers that open specialty stores generally have a basic concept. That is, which kind of product is good to sell, which kind of product is made. After a distributor has created a product specialty store for a category, when the sales of the specialty store is not ideal, they will wonder whether there is a problem with the product of this category itself?

So I switched to other categories to try. In this way, the dealers have been in a state of switching between various categories of products for several years, and finally found that no category is easy to do.\

Products of the same category

So there is thinking about this problem. If you are a dealer in this situation. In the course of many years of business, have you insisted on making products of the same category, or have you tried to operate products of different categories? What is the result?

There is room for development whether it is a single-category operation or a multi-category operation.

Persist in making the same category and switch between different brands. This is a more conservative, durable and stable approach. Once you position your target customers as customers of a certain category of products, then you only do business with a certain category of customers. No matter how the market demand situation changes, any product category will not disappear.

You only need to be the number one in that category in a local store.Identify the category opportunities in the local market, always follow the trend of the category, and make quick money. In recent years, furniture products have become like fast-moving consumer goods, with furniture styles and categories becoming more and more popular. If you have a keen eye and can grasp the category trend in the local market, then you can also get the category trend dividend.

Furniture stores in the same city

In the second case, a dealer has opened multiple shop-in-shop furniture stores in the same city. Under such circumstances, should the distributors specialize in products of the same category or take care of products of different categories?

The point of view is to specialize in products of the same category. Why did you come to such a conclusion? Everyone may wish to listen to the following analysis:

For recliner sofa manufacturers, It is necessary to run a specialty store in this environment.

Everyone knows that the category divisions in large home furnishing stores are very clear. Products of different categories are placed on different floors or different category areas on the same floor. Even if they are of the same brand, in most cases, cross-category is not allowed. In other words, only if you manage the same category of products can you have a scale advantage in a store.