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Sharing guide to find a childhood time in a room with comtemporary fabric furniture
Author:Tangshifu Furniture| release time:2020-12-01

Comtemporary fabric furniture is often the supplies and decorations we can see. Sometimes, it will give people unexpected space for reverie, when tired.

A story

I went to the house warming party of the upholstery designer Lynn's new home, and along the way guessed what this girl who is known for her good use of colors and variety but not chaos would look like. When I stepped into the door, I was stunned: Although there is a lot of high-level and artistic sense of life, the main color of the whole house is black, white and wood. The furniture of Comtemporary fabric furniture is also contrary to Lynn's favorite Italy and Northern Europe. Fan Er, mainly mix and match Art Deco and New Chinese.

About seeing my surprise, Lynn said: "I often dreamed during the renovation. I dreamed of the old house I lived in when I was a child. There were living rooms and side halls. There were almost three colors in it, black, white, and wood. The tailor's grandfather set up a large countertop in the corner of the living room to make clothes, and a piece of pure linen was placed on it all the year round. At that moment, I felt that what was more important than beauty was a long-lost intimacy."

Why find a childhood time

From the moment we fell to the ground, we grew up surrounded by smell, sound and light, full of rich sensory experience, and also the first experience in life. Why don't we remember?

Freud first explained this: we did not really forget these things, but stored the early memories in another place in the brain-subconscious, childhood memories (especially memories before the age of 3) are just like this It is blocked out of adult consciousness.

Coincidentally, the information processing theory of modern cognitive psychology also has a similar explanation: people are not without memory before the age of 3, but because young children cannot input the vocal code, shape code, and meaning code of language into long-term memory when processing information. As an adult, he cannot use language to retrieve memory to answer questions.

Comtemporary fabric furniture

For us, childhood memories are vague, but feelings are clear, and the influence on understanding and perceiving the world does exist. A familiar melody, a familiar scene…When a similar thing happens, this feeling may be activated (psychologically called "childhood memory evoke"), bringing us back to our familiar childhood, It will even influence our views and decisions on the event.

Start to make a change

When the space is endowed with childhood memories, the dialogue between Comtemporary fabric furniture and us will come alive. Try it together!

The jewellery box used by grandma, the glass cabinet loved by grandma, the armrest sofa when the mother was married…the heirlooms left by the grandparents are undoubtedly the most precious traces of time.

Looking through old photo albums, listening to the elders telling the past, restoring more vaguely identifiable childhood memories, retrieving the imprints of childhood daily life, and perhaps even more knowledge.

Go to old furniture stores and antique stores to buy some retro-style furniture and furnishings to decorate the room. You can also find professional manufacturers to customize.

So, when you need to decorate your room, go shopping online. The guide for buying furniture will advise you.