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Placing preparation of furniture from upholstery leisure chair manufacturers
Author:Tangshifu Furniture| release time:2020-12-11

Workers deliver the ornamental dining chair to house.we need to inspect the ground. The upholstery leisure chair manufacturers told us some preparations.

Pave the ground for leisure chair

Placing a leisure chair sounds very simple, but it is not. First of all, the solid wood floor must be checked in advance to check whether the ground is flat. The various heights of the ground surface should not differ by 3mm, and the ground should be dry and tidy. , Or leave a little impurity, the test method is to put several films on the ground where the floor needs to be installed, and seal them. After about 12 hours, check if there are any moisture and some small impurity particles in the film. Above, if not, it means that the ground is dry and clean.

The floor in front of the leisure chair must be at room temperature to ensure that the floor adapts to the temperature and humidity of the environment. During installation, it will not expand and contract due to heat and does not adapt to the environment, resulting in a big difference in floor size.
Before installing the floor, it is best to ask the manufacturer to come to investigate whether the ground needs to be leveled or partially leveled. Laminate flooring must be leveled, and solid wood flooring must be laid with keel, unless the drop is too large, it is generally unnecessary to level it.

upholstery leisure chair manufacturers

Clean the floor and place chair

Before placing, the floor of the paved floor at home must be cleaned and the floor must be dry, so do not use water during the cleaning process. When installing the furniture, if possible, the cutting of the floor must be in the corridor and clean it after completion. Because cutting the floor indoors has serious indoor pollution, similarly there is the cutting of artificial stone countertops for kitchen cabinets.

To adjust the color difference of the solid wood floor, you can put the floor with the same pattern and color in the living room, aisle or obvious place, and put the slightly color difference under the furniture or at the corner. If the color difference is too large, the merchants are required to exchange it in order to achieve the overall aesthetic coordination.

The final step is of course to clean up the residues after a series of floor paving work just now, and then clean the entire floor.

Customers are still eager to put the furniture out. But buying good furniture requires not only a good vision, but also a guide for buying furniture.