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One personal shopping of walnut wood arm chair with cushion
Author:Tangshifu Furniture| release time:2020-12-03

From the perspective of the choice of furniture, people have higher and higher aesthetic requirements for walnut wood arm chair with cushion, and the sense of experience is also stricter.

Outdoor furniture is no exception, not only to be practical, but also to have the task of high appearance and home decoration. Judging from many single products, many outdoor furniture have a great sense of design, but they are not different when matched. Why? Do you really understand the style of outdoor furniture? How can we make the combination of outdoor furniture and home improvement both practical and attractive? You must start with the outdoor furniture style first!

To distinguish

To distinguish between true and false, one must know why. Just like human beings are divided into yellow, black, and white according to region, black walnut is divided into South American black walnut, American black walnut and European black walnut according to region. Among them, American black walnut has the best quality.

Walnut wood arm chair has always been very popular in the market. It is very popular among high-end woods, and it has risen to 13,000-18,000/m³. Sister Mi also has a crazy fascination with spades, and she wants to buy a set of seductive. But every time I opened Alipay, there were no waves in my heart. Therefore, it is popular dining room furniture.

Speaking of this, many people are wondering: Why can black walnut have such a high price? Why can it stand out among high-end woods?

walnut wood arm chair with cushion

What are the characteristics of black walnut?

Black walnut has the title of "King of American Broadleaf". The furniture made of it is resistant to impact and friction, corrosion resistance, easy to dry, and less deformation; easy to construct and easy to glue. The shrinkage rate is very small, so that it can be applied to the changeable climate environment without cracking and other problems. It is a good raw material for furniture.

Black walnut is a noble in the wood, it is light dark brown with purple, sometimes with wavy or curly tree patterns, forming a pleasing pattern, comfortable surface texture, warm and moist like jade to the touch, just like a beautiful movement, press the fan It is simply a treasure of the people.
Black walnut can not only be used for furniture, but also a material for high-quality collectibles. It has become more and more gentle over a century. Traditional veneer can be used on the surface of pianos and the interior decoration of middle and high-end cars. It is noble, elegant and luxurious to describe it.

Therefore, it is necessary to bring a guide for buying furniture when purchasing walnut wood arm chairs or other furniture.