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Modern stainless steel furniture designs of home furnishing company in china
Author:Tangshifu Furniture| release time:2020-12-02

Modern stainless steel furniture designs are a very popular trend. The home furnishing company is also developing its brand while expanding its scale.

Few industries

Few industries are like the home improvement industry, with a market size of 4 trillion yuan, but it is difficult to find a few decoration companies with an annual output value of more than 1 billion yuan. Industry experts pointed out that in the home improvement industry, a decoration company with an annual output value of more than 500 million can basically be called a head player, and each head decoration company's share in the local market does not exceed 5%, which is extremely primitive and unhealthy Market shape.

No installation company does not want to expand its scale and share more pie, but a cruel reality is that in past practice, a large number of installation companies that tried to expand have fallen on a large loss and broken capital chain. Some insiders even asserted , "No installation company can still maintain profitability when it expands to more than 5 cities." Home improvement companies are trapped in small and medium-sized businesses.

modern stainless steel furniture designs

Industry information

The home improvement industry is still a serious industry. In the eyes of consumers, this industry is full of "traps". Home improvement consumption is filled with a series of negative comments such as high prices, missing items, low quality, delays in construction, and difficulties in protecting rights. , The industry information is not transparent, and the threshold for consumers to obtain information is too high. Even if they know that there is a “pit”, they cannot avoid it, causing the entire home improvement consumption ecology to be full of disharmonious complaints and disputes.

The stainless steel furniture is a category with more furniture, so many furniture merchants will be ingenious in design.

On the other hand, home improvement companies are full of grievances. For many owners of decoration companies, although the problems complained by consumers are concentrated on the decoration companies that are integrators of home improvement services, these problems are beyond the control of the decoration companies. The operation mode of the home improvement industry is the only invisible. "Behind the scenes."

Consumers do not have to be dazzled by the many choices of furniture, they can refer to the guide for buying furniture.