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Is there a good market for the background wall?
Author:Tangshifu Furniture| release time:2020-10-28

The market is growing, profits are declining, and business is more difficult to do. "Speaking of background walls in recent years, people in the industry have unanimously given such a description. Some people say that the background wall industry has entered a winter period.

For a long time, due to the low threshold or even "zero threshold" of the background wall industry, it has attracted a large number of industry insiders as the first choice for entrepreneurship. However, with the influx of businesses and the continuous development of the market, the background wall industry presents a chaotic phenomenon of serious product homogeneity and fierce price wars, and various industry ills have also become prominent.

Background wall

Some people in the industry believe that, in fact, the background wall is still a sunrise industry. “Today’s background wall is like a turbulent river and lake. The industry threshold is increasing year by year. A group of weak canoe boats will gradually be annihilated in the wind and waves, leaving behind the strength. Strong, focusing on model innovation, service, and a large ship with strong management capabilities.

The bedroom furniture manufacturers in china feel different to the wall, warm colors may be more popular.

The background wall is not a new industry. The broad background wall has existed for a long time, has an ancient and long history of development and evolution, and has undergone many changes in fashion trends, from the screen of feudal society to the TV cabinet in the modern black and white TV era to the later wallpaper, paint, The development of sandstone and the background wall industry at every stage has been deeply marked by the changes of the times.

However, the ceramic tile background wall belongs to the emerging field, and it has only developed in 10 years. Regarding the origin of the ceramic tile background wall, the answers given by industry insiders are not the same. It is roughly around 2006~2009. This period of time the ceramic tile background wall is a "virgin land" that needs to be developed urgently. The market is in its infancy, and few people know about ceramic tiles. The concept of background wall.


At that time, the background wall materials, processing equipment and technology were very limited. The ceramic tile products in the industry were mainly polycrystalline and Pilates. The technology was only the pattern carving, spray painting and color on the surface of the tile. It is called "plain carving", which first relies on artificial carving, and then paints various colors with paint. Due to the single material and simple process, the ornamental and physical properties of the product are relatively lacking. The bedroom furniture manufacturers in china will match the material of the background wall when customizing the furniture.